Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Influence Poetic Asides

 Elementary Teachers


First Grade Mrs. Adams,

More like a grandma than a teacher.

I told her I had three and a half sisters.

She laughed and told everyone

I might have a sister or brother.

Brother no way. I was right.

My little sister came all in yellow.


Second grade Mrs. Alberta.

She didn’t smile much.

I didn’t know much about God,

but Mrs. Alberta said

 He peeked in the back window

 to see if we were behaving.


Third grade Mrs. Galbraith.

Pleasant and elegant, like June Cleaver.

When I was getting all the math problems wrong,

she discovered that I couldn’t read the black board.

That summer, I began wearing glasses.


Forth grade Mrs. Graff. She smiled a lot.

She read stories like The Secret Gaden.

She caught one of the boys drawing a smiley face

on the black board with a sponge.

We thought he was in trouble.

She grabbed the sponge

and drew a smiley face with curly hair.


Fifth grade Mrs. Donahue.

She had a loud, but nice, voice.

 She’d see me in town and say,

“There she is with a book again!”

I wonder if she expected

I’d be writing them some day.


Sixth grade Mrs. Robinson.

A very sour lady.

On the rare occasion when she smiled,

it looked like her face would crack.

She didn’t like a poem I wrote.

I didn’t think about writing another one

until many years later.


Good or bad memories,

these ladies delivered a basic education

like mama birds dolling out worms,

in hopes their chicks would fly off on their own.

I appreciate their influence.



Monday, July 22, 2024

summer poetic asides


There’s Mowing and There’s Mowing


Growing up on a large acreage in PA,

and with Grandma’s equally large yard,

Dad had this thing about mowing—

not too early while it’s still wet,

not too late when everyone’s tired.

That left the hottest part in the afternoon.


And no need for a riding mower

since he had a wife and five girls to help.

So there we all were sweating it out

every summer pushing mowers

twice a week or more since it rained

a lot in Pennsylvania.


One advantage:

Now that I live in southwest Colorado,

in my little yard, sparsely watered,

mowing is a matter of zipping back and forth,

twice monthly, in the coolness of evening,

and that doesn’t seem so bad.  



Sunday, July 21, 2024

POV Poetic Bloomings


A View from Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge


Don’t ask me what the view

is from Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge

in Northern Ireland.

I just know it’s about a hundred feet

above the sea and rocky shore.

I got myself over both ways

by saying with each step,

“Take a step and don’t look down.”

“Take a step and don’t look down.”

“Take a step and don’t look down.”

Saturday, July 20, 2024



Like a lone balloon

Keep me from drifting away

Tethered to Jesus

Friday, July 19, 2024

special day Poetic Asides

 A Special Day


Whether it be to go to Maine

to spend time with my daughter.

Or to Seattle to board a cruise ship

to cruise Alaska with three others.

Or to go to Hawaii to celebrate

graduating from college at 59.

Or to North Carolina to spend time

with fellow poemers.

Or to Florida to cruise the Caribbean

with a bunch of writers.

Or to Scotland to celebrate retirement.

Or to St. Augustine to spend

two weeks at the beach with Sis.

Or to Kenya to go on safari

to see elephants, giraffes, zebras.

Or to Peru to help in VBS

in the sweltering heat with missions.

Or to France with Sis to see the sites

in Paris, London, Wales, and Ireland

and think of Uncle Bill dying in WWII,

and to make wishes in Wales

and to visit my niece in Northern Ireland.

Or to Germany this July.

Or to Italy this September.

The day I board a plane

is always a special day.  

Thursday, July 18, 2024



In life’s up and downs

You’re a constant and holy rock

I depend on You

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Building Relationships Poetic Bloomings

 Show Affection


Every moment,

you have the chance

to dig a well of sweet water

in your relationship

by resolving

to show respect

and appreciation for each other

in the little things you do and say.


A flower.

A gift.

A compliment.

A favor.

A hug.

A smile.

Makes life more enjoyable

for both.