Thursday, February 25, 2021

Poetic Asides Question

 Unrecognized Sense of Humor


When I was about ten

we were watching a train movie.

I asked Dad, “Did you ever ride a train?”

He said, “When I was in World War II

I rode a duffle bag the whole way to California.”

“Yes,” I said, “But did you ever ride a train?”

He got the biggest kick out of that.

I never did tell him I was just kidding.

The way he responded, I didn’t think he’d believe me.

He went to the grave thinking I had been that stupid.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Poetic Bloomings love


I’ll Sing a Love Song to You


My lonely soul cried in despair

Long before I was even aware

You sent Your own Son and the way had been won

And all of the work of redemption was done



I’ll sing a love song to You

I’ll sing a love song to You

You’re my closest friend, our love knows no end

I’ll sing a love song to You


You pulled me up out of the pit

And to You I do gladly submit

We walk side by side, I have nothing to hide

I now have new life since my Savior had died



When He escaped the grip of death

Lord, You breathed in my soul with Your breath

I seek Your dear face as I walk in Your grace

One day I will go to that Heavenly place 




In the form of “There’s Room at the Cross for You.”


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Poetic Asides Dansa, stretch

 Sometimes You Have to Stretch

(a dansa)


Sometimes you have to stretch

To make things seem to fit

To tug it just a bit

Presenting a light sketch

Sometimes you have to stretch


You wrangle with some wit

You struggle not to quit

You may feel like a wretch

Sometimes you have to stretch


Mistakes you may commit

Or fall into a pit

To go so far to fetch

Sometimes you have to stretch


Attempts will miss or hit

May take some guile and grit

To mark and clearly etch

Sometimes you have to stretch


Monday, February 22, 2021

Poetic Bloomings based on another title

 Stand at My Grave and Weep


Although I must be dead and gone

My spirit now is moving on

With wonders all about me here

But you can grieve for me my dear

If was the other way around

Me standing there, you glory bound

I would allow myself to cry

And even ask my Father why

Remember good times that we’ve had

It is okay to feel so sad

The life on earth sure has its pain

But there is sunshine after rain

So stand there at my grave and weep

It’s what you do when love grows deep


Based on title “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep” by Mary Elizabet Frye

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Morning Song

 Embrace Grace


You’re healed.

You’re filled.

Your hopes and dreams are willed

If you just yield to me.


You’re free

To be

What I want you to be,

If you just seek my face.



my grace.

You’ll find your place

Through time and space in My kingdom with Me.


Saturday, February 20, 2021

Poetic Asides super, Eli Sonnet

 My Hero


He doesn’t wear a flowing cape or fly

Nor leap tall buildings in a single bound

He doesn’t capture bad guys in the act

He doesn’t shrink into the size of bees

He doesn’t get around in an iron suit

He isn’t faster than the speed of light

He doesn’t climb up walls or swing from vine

But known for turning water into wine

And in His name the evil one takes flight

He healed the sick, the  blind, the deaf, the mute

He raised the dead and freed all from disease

That He’s the way, the truth, the light is fact

He suffered, died and then escaped the ground

And promised true believers homes on high.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Poetic Bloomins based on a line


“Harried by a wild wicked wind” –Deb (Georgeplace), Covered in Snow


But God


A wild wicked wind

Harasses my mind

Torturing, needling

Hurling  pelting sleet

Stormy clouds hover

Mocking my defeat

Piercing through my soul

Feeling rather beat


 But God—that great phrase!

Like a gardener

Planting a seedling

Shining His warm rays

Adds living water

Joy arrives and stays

The wild wind is beat

Becomes calm and sweet