Monday, July 7, 2014

Poet's Blog Tour

First of all, a big thanks to Claudette J. Young who invited me on this tour and for her warm introduction on her blog.

I have been writing with “Claudsy” for five or six years now on Poetic Asides and Creative Bloomings and she has greatly encouraged me in my own writing.Claudette Young’s NW Montana neighborhood near Glacier National Park helps inspire her poetry, short stories and novels. Her love for words and enthusiasm for life pours out of her writing. Like me, she has multiple projects. This summer she’s working on a sci-fi novella “A Grain of Truth.” She’s also working on a fantasy series, a poetry chapbook and a flash fiction chapbook.

Claudette began writing seriously in 2008 and continues to write in multiple genres.  She strives to learn something new each day—a new poetry form, new writing technique, new foreign word, or whatever strikes her fancy. Her primary genres are poetry, science fiction/fantasy, flash fiction, children’s literature, women’s fiction, along with creative non-fiction, essay, and memoir. She tries to cover all of her bases by writing for audiences that range from young children to senior citizens.

Claudette has been published in numerous online publications for poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, as well as print magazines and two international poetry anthologies. She continues to hone her craft by working on multiple projects, including book-length ones. Her regular work can be viewed on her collaborative website and blogs at: as well as

So, now on to the blog tour questions.

What am I working on?

Lately, I’ve been working on mostly small pieces. I write a poem a day. And I write five devotions a month for I also do devotional pieces for the Pagosa Sun. Occasionally I get assignments from Barbour Publishing. And I put together a short newsletter “ Scribette” for SCWA (Southwest Christian Writers Association) and a column for SCWA’s Ezine “The Scribe.” See SCWA’s website at 

I also have about fifteen novels in progress. Currently I’m trying to finish, really finish, my junior novel Quirks. I plan to publish it on Create Space. It’s my goal to finish and publish three other works this year: The State I’m In (an adult novel), Enthusiastic Soul (a book of praise poems) and Tea at the Zoo ( a picture book). A professional artist friend of mine, Annette Hutchins, is illustrating.

How does my work differ from others in the same genre?

On Robert Brewer’s Poetic Asides, it’s amazing how many completely different poems come from the same prompt. So I can only say my writings are different from others because I write them. Writing is an extension of personality, and like snowflakes and fingerprints, they’re all different. My writing is somewhat fun and serious at the same time. I love the Lord and this comes out in a lot of my poems. But I like to write about the daily stuff, too. My fiction is most always about God’s love and goodness.

Why do I write what I do?

In today’s media there’s a smorgasbord of offerings, a wide range from healthy and nutritious to seriously rancid. I hope to offer something to the reader that’s enjoyable, will help them grow and give them strength for the journey.  

I believe God is real. He’s proved Himself to me over and over. He’s good, loving and forgiving. My beliefs boil down to two verses: Matthew 22:37-40 and John 3:16. Despite my weaknesses and imperfections, I pray that somehow people will experience Him in my poems, stories and devotions.

How does my writing process work?

Describing my writing process is a little difficult because for me variety is the spice of life. But I’m a firm believer in free writing. I try to get the rough draft down as quickly as possible. Over the years, I've been outlining less and less.

Then I go back and revise. I eternally revise the longer projects, so that’s why the last few years I’ve been doing smaller projects. At least I can get them done!

I’m always regrouping my projects and schedule. With my host home of taking care of two adults with developmental disabilities, keeping my house clean enough to be healthy, a flood of writing projects and a few trips throughout the year, I have a variety of ways to trick myself into getting things done.

Three other poets will follow me as soon as I get them lined up.

Thanks again to Claudsy. Following are some links to other poets who have been on the tour.



Claudette Young said...

Thanks so much for the chronicling of my assets and work, Connie. You've gotten so much done over the years, I often feel like a slacker in comparison.

I've enjoyed your process here. Many of us take a similar route with our work and yet, we all have those tiny idiosyncrasies unique to us.

I'm glad you chose to play with us on this tour. Thank your for sharing so much of yourself here.

Linda H. said...

Fifteen novels in progress! Jeepers! I can barely handle one.

I enjoyed reading this, Connie.