Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Imprompt Blitz

God of Now

Rejoice always
Rejoice in God
God is love
God is good
Good night
Good day
Day spring
Day time
Time to praise
Time to sing
Sing unto the Lord
Sing and laugh
Laugh with joy
Laugh out loud
Loud shouting
Loud cheering
Cheering with thanksgiving
Cheering with hope
Hope in God
Hope always
Always look up
Always pray
Pray without ceasing
Pray for peace
Peace that passes understanding
Peace like a river
River of joy
River of strength
Strength in joy
Strength in gentleness
Gentleness rules
Gentleness heals
Heals the inner man
Heals community
Community builds
Community accomplishes
Accomplishes great things
Accomplishes dreams
Dreams and visions
Dreams of happiness
Happiness of soul
Happiness of heart
Heart of passion
Heart of compassion
Compassion then
Compassion now
Now serve
Now live

Monday, September 22, 2014

Imprompt fall

Pipiwai Trail Hike, Maui

Through the eerie bamboo forest
with its strange knocking sound,
past the thick spreading banyan tree
and the Makahiku overlook,
the four hundred foot tall
majestic Waimoku Falls
commands oohs and ahhs,
recharging your spirit
dimming any aches and pains
from the two hour uphill hike.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Imprompt Image

The Path

As a child,
how many times
did I run barefoot
down our grassy hill
across the gravely road
through Pappap’s yard
between the ponds
across the stout bridge,
the tiny bridge
and the high, long bridge
over the stony creek
to my cousins’ house
in the woods?

So many times
that if I close my eyes
I can feel
moss and soft grasses,
tarry gravel,
rough wood
and the beaten path
under my feet.
I can hear
Canada Geese honking
bobwhite quails calling,
peep frogs peeping
and crickets singing.

I can smell
freshly mown grass,
blossoms on apple trees
air washed clean after the rain.
I can see
familiar houses of relatives
and neighbors, willows, oaks,
maples, apple trees and pines,
tiger lilies, clover
I can taste
the plums, grapes, elderberries,
and Siberian crabapples.

I can recall
all the games we played,
trouble we’d get into,
adventures we lived through,
laughter, arguments,
songs, make believe,
through the seasons and
padding back and forth
between our houses
never thinking someday
it would all be
just memories imprinted
on our souls.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Imprompt Image

Self Portrait

A woman who has lived over half a century
with precious little advice to offer anyone.
Chances are slim she’ll ever become
classy, exotic or sophisticated but
known for caring. And that’s enough. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Imprompt Home


My home’s supposed to be an empty nest;
our two birdies flew the coop,
but now we care for two nonverbal people,
a shuffler and a wheeler.

The house is clean enough
to keep away the health department
and dirty enough to know my time
is spent on other worthwhile things—

like writing, that shows an interesting
person hides in there somewhere,  
and exercising and praying enough
to keep body and soul together.

Paintings, from places I traveled,
hang with a picture from Hawaii,
the only state I haven’t visited,
calling to me, “Aloha!" Someday.

Home's also stocked with books, photos,
and knickknacks—memorabilia
of layer upon layer of people and events
which are the woven fiber of me.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Imprompt Rose Colored glasses


Are you disturbed by disasters,
troubled by trials and temptations
flabbergasted by fiascoes and flops?
Cheer up!
They’ll make good poems someday. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014