Friday, October 24, 2014

poewar verbs

Walking in the Rain

Yesterday, an autumn day, I walked in the rain.
I about forgot how I loved to splash about in a downpour.
Being outdoors makes me feel adventurous and alive,
Especially in the rain amidst the brilliant leaves turning.

A stranger poked his head out of his SUV shouting,
“You’re going to get wet, girl!”
Something about walking in the rain
Elicits comments from strangers.

I remember walking in the rain as a little girl
And people who would pass me
Would say something clever, funny or stupid,
Like, “You’re going to get wet.”  Duh.

As I walked, the rain pelted off my wind breaker.
I felt sheltered, yet exposed to a delightful world,
of beauty, of orange and golden leaves glistening.
I basked in rain, like beachgoers do the sun.

I entered my home delighting in the warmth.
I nestled in my recliner and sipped hot tea.
A bit saddened, I wondered how long
It would be till I walked in the rain again.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

poewar real moment


On our 35th wedding anniversary,
my husband’s brother came to visit.
They rehashed stories growing up,
school days, the band, dating, marriage,
children, church, their spiritual lives
and how they viewed the world.

I noticed there were many incidents
hubby and I remembered differently.
After several corrections and amendments,
I decided to let him tell them his way.
I just smiled at his versions and wondered
what his revisions would be next time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

poewar something new

Public Speaking

Chest tightened
Sweat formed
Throat cleared
Mouth spoke
Eyes stared
Hands clapped
Breathing resumed

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

poewar beginning middle end


A cloud covered the sun
And the old woman hobbled to the window
Feeling fragile and fearful

Her cabin in the woods had always felt like a refuge, until now
She fingered her diamond necklace in one hand, rifle in the other
Her talents were many, poetry, painting, singing, marksmanship

The crystal on her mantel glimmered as a flashlight beam passed over
She stepped out on the porch rifle aimed at a furtive figure in black

She listened to the retreating footsteps and returned to her refuge, unbroken

Monday, October 20, 2014

poewar negative to positive

Catastrophe/Success Diamante

Cataclysmic, disastrous
Stressing, despairing, panicking
Hurricane, tsunami, completion, accomplishment
Rejoicing, enjoying, thriving
Advantageous, fortunate

Sunday, October 19, 2014

poewar lines of different lengths


The candle flickered
casting shadows on the wall
while the storm raged outside.
She sat up when she saw a silhouette
of a giant pouncing toward her bed,
but it was merely Kitty playing with her toy.
Worry’s like that.

poewar formal casual (Saturday)

Formal or Casual

An old lady
examined her wrinkles and rolls
in the mirror.
“Shall I go formal or casual today?”
She slipped into an evening gown
and laced on her sneakers.
Why not both?