Friday, March 24, 2017


O, Holy God, I Look to You

O, Holy God, I look to You.
Your love, Your mercy, strength and grace.
Please, change my heart to seek Your face.
Priorities are all askew.

The world shows false, Your love proves true.
I find You in that secret place.
O, Holy God, I look to You.
Your love, Your mercy, strength and grace.

At times I don’t know what to do.
The time goes by at a fast pace.
With you alone I’ll win this race.
I know that You will see me through.
O, Holy God, I look to You. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017


You Are the Stream

You are the stream, I am the tree
So I need You to nth degree
My roots stretch out in search of You
Your life-filled water, I pursue
I reach for You most greedily

When pestilence tormented me
I took You in persistently
I didn’t fall when north winds blew
You are the stream.

My branches grow so happily
My luscious leaves glint merrily
Yes, from Your riches this tree grew
To drink Your strength, what I must do
Without You I have no esprit
You are the stream.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

PA improvement


All my struggles
for self-improvement
are like running
on a treadmill,
getting nowhere
but hoping
the exercise itself
will do some good.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Rimas dissolutus abcde abcde cde


Colorado blue sky
Dazzling sun on deep snow
Three friends trudge through the woods
Stumbling in covered footprints
Chatting and laughing together

The meadow stretched out high
Mountain views from this plateau
Displaying Colorado goods
Catching shimmers and glints
Moods as light as a feather

No need for hats or hoods
No reason to moan or wince 
But delight in spring-like weather

Monday, March 20, 2017

Quatern Rxxx xRxx xxRx xxxR 8 syllables

You Are My Rock

You are my rock in stormy seas
You are my song in troubled times
You are my garden of comfort
You are my light in dead of night

You are my rope of sanity
You are my rock in stormy seas
You are my tree of life and hope
You are my path to mark my way

You are my river flowing free
You are my fresh air when life’s stale
You are my rock in stormy seas
You are my branch saving my life

You are blue skies lifting my heart
You are water in my desert
You are my mountain of mercy
You are my rock in stormy seas

March 19 Lai A5a5b2a5a5b2a5a5b2

Write On

Finding time to write
Could be dead of night
Or dawn
Words that may excite
And nibble or bite
Press on
We struggle and fight
Until morning light
Time gone

March 18, 2017 kyrielle

This is a Temporary Life

With all our joys surrounding us
Like friends, and children, husband, wife
Too many blessings to discus
This is a temporary life.

With all our troubles and the fuss
With pain that pierces like a knife
And evil oozing like vile puss
This is a temporary life.

With Jesus being our big plus
And help and hope in daily strife
Our worries seem superfluous  
This is a temporary life.