Tuesday, January 22, 2019

PAD Challenge 24-1 Salty, Poem Away sapphic stanza

Useless Salt
(Sapphic stanza)

Salt has many uses: flavoring, making thirsty
guarding feet from slipping. Jesus said salt that lost its
flavor’s good for nothing, thrown away under foot, but I
understand He gives

second chances generously to those who ask Him,
adding lovely colors unto salt which lost flavor,
using colored salt for beautiful sand-like paintings.
Masterful Artist.

Monday, January 21, 2019

PAD Challenge 23-3 i Can't, Poetic Bloomings wrapped refrain

I Can’t Resist

I can’t resist no-bake cookies.
People would wonder, who took these?
Even if there’s more than twenty.
I cannot stop, I’ll eat plenty.
Those chocolate oatmeal lumps, peanut butter kissed,
I won’t make them anymore, since I can’t resist.

I can’t say no to travel plans,
by trains, planes, cruise ships, cars or vans.
I’m ready to go, just say when.
If I’ve been there, I’ll go again.
I feel alive and adventurous on the go.
So when it comes to vacation, I can’t say no.

I just can’t watch one TV show.
I watch, before to bed I go.
Sometimes I stay up way too late.
Then not get up till half past eight.
I try to practice self-control, but bound to botch.
So if the shows are much too good, I just can’t watch.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

PAD Challenge 23-2 I Can't, Poem Away metal, O, things sapphic ode sonnet

I Can’t Not Have Fun

The common shoe is plain and drear
Some occupations are that, too
The silver lining may be near
I’ll make it through

Those who omit some fun each day
Get bogged in tasks and almost stop
Like a gold ring hidden away
Like wasted crop

Some days are boring as they come
At times I wish for so much more
Like breaking through titanium
A stubborn door

I’ll look for a window in sight
We all can use a little light

Saturday, January 19, 2019

PAD Challenge 23-1 I Can't

I go forth with purpose so clear
And stride to a room that is near
Then I look about
And ponder and pout
Can’t remember why I am here

Friday, January 18, 2019

PAD Challenge 22-3 Praise

God’s Glory

God’s glory echoes through the earth
His presence casts a lovely scent
In Him, we all can be content
He is the warmth in home and hearth 

Immeasurable in His worth
So time with Him is time well spent
God’s glory echoes through the earth
He’s mighty and magnificent

In Him, my heart is full of mirth
His love adheres like strong cement
In praising Him, I won’t relent
His love’s revealed in His Son’s birth
God’s glory echoes through the earth

Thursday, January 17, 2019

PAD Challenge 22-2 Praise

God is…


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

PAD Challenge 22-1 Praise

In Praise to My God

You are worthy of my love.
Thank You for being awesome.
Thank You for being patient.
Pure and lovely Creator
Holy and good, my King
King of kings and Lord of lords
From start to finish, You are.