Thursday, April 24, 2014

PAD 4 24


F eatured events which haven’t happened
U p and coming attractions to watch for
T ime passes, imminent, waiting
U pcoming sooner or later, inevitable
R eality yet to come, sum of choices
E ternally impending, never reached 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 23 PAD

Brighter Future

Though flying to the future sounds far-fetched,
imagination has no limit. So
let’s think about the poor with arms outstretched
and clear a way for them to freely go,
with courage and commitment to bestow
the guts to conquer the false rumor spread,
the bogus hunch that chivalry is dead.
Let’s not regret the good we could have done,
but listen to their pleas and act instead.
Mend fences with compassion and we’ve won. 

April 22 PAD


A spectator, on first glance,
would not detect the gloom
threatening to devour her.

She wanted to seek asylum
or better yet, become invisible.

She’d run for refuge,
anywhere but here.
Red hot anger raged within.

She trembled at the thought
of skipping out on it all.
Her mind churned.

She’d flee from the protector
and director of her soul.
He’d no longer be her sanctuary.

A shelter waited on the hill.
He would cover her,
cradle her

if she’d be honest
with herself
and admit she needed help.

April 21 PAD

Oh, when we first got married
Our first home was an RV
Windy Wheatland, Wyoming
Rock’n and roll’n

April 20 PAD

Fun Day

Breathe in
Let’s begin
Get the kinks out
Head for where the air’s thin
Leave a note and plot out the route
Camera, tissues, water, snacks, no doubt
Let’s run or meander, whatever pace we’d like
Let’s discover, explore and look about
Who knows what we’ll find when we scout
There’s shelter, rest within
Chat, laugh and shout
Rest and grin
We win

April 19 PAD

Mightier than the Sword

Tiny targets tremble
as monsters rage in anger.
Hope glimmers, skitters, snuffs,
and comes to a complete stop.
In the downward spiral of violence
a sharpened pencil pierces
and pushes through to pillows,
sunlight, azure skies, laughter,
and delicate petals of orange tiger lilies.
Ah! What poetry can do!

April 18 PAD


V iciously claiming what’s their own 
I ntense and willing to be cruel
O penly aggressive, on attack
L etting hostility reign
E nding peace in the land
N otoriously brutal
C ruelly sadistic
E ndlessly callous. Bloodshed. War.