Sunday, March 30, 2014

Creative Bloomings revise an old poem

Written in 2004

Forest Trail

I feel kind of dead and lost
Wandering  around in the woods
Occasionally enjoying the journey
the smells of ferns and moss and earth
the sounds of birds and crackling of sticks and leaves under my feet
Occasionally hating the journey
The mosquitoes
the cold
the monotony
wondering where in the world I am
or why I’m in the woods in the first place
is it to build a log cabin
learn from nature
for exercise
Sometimes I just want out of the woods
Help me know your purposes
and not forget them
so matter where I’m at
or whether I’m enjoying it or not
I at least know that I’m going in the right direction.


Forest Companion

I wander in the woods,
enjoying traipsing there—
the sounds of woodland birds,
the smells of ferns and moss,
the crackling underfoot.                     

But rain can get me down.
Mosquitoes irritate.
Monotony abounds.
I wander, wondering
where in the world I am.

Or why I’m even there.
Is it for exercise?
To grow, to learn, to care?
To build a home of logs?
Sometimes, I just want out.

Please, help me understand,
through bad times and the good,
You’re there with map in hand,
still walking by my side,
my hiking guide and friend.


His funny face
Is a trace smart
And spacey, too. 

CB than bauk

I hear a bell
From the well. Oh!
Cat fell down there.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

creative bloomings than-bauk

An empty keg
Drunken beggar
An egg on face 


Nobody wants to die,
but heaven awaits.
We anticipate
something better than baby shampoo—
no more tears!

pa excited


Wide grin
Whirling partner around
Slam dunking trash into a can
What next?

poetic asides excited


E nergized, doing a happy dance
eXtremely performing a joyful prance
C harged and motivated
I nspired, stimulated
T alking rapidly, chuckles, giggles
E lectrified, consumed in wriggles
D aring adventure anticipated