Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 22 Creative Bloomings camp romance

Campfire Romance

To the tune
of peep frogs and crickets,
Kumbaya and acoustic tones by the fire,
your eyes flickered,
reflecting the flame of my heart.

When we go our separate ways
will the fire fade
to glowing embers
and then finally snuff out,
dead and cold?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 21 Creative Bloomings camp wordle

Family Vacation

We’ll all explore the great outdoors,
Escape this urban jail.
No bargain hunting at the mall.
We’ll hike the lakeside trail.
Yes, we’ll beware, of the black bear.

We’ll watch for signs of critters there,
A howl, some scat or print.
We’ll glide along in sleek canoes.
The view’s magnificent.
Lanterns at night, to give some light.

The family will all have fun
In rivers and the lakes.
They’ll fill canteens and play and swim,
Skip stones and watch for snakes.
Nix PlayStation, this vacation.

We’ll sleep under the moon and stars,
while wind blows through our tent.
We’ll save the fee for hotel stay
Or a log home’s high rent.
The group’s retort? We choose resort!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 20 Creative Bloomings new camp setting

Eagle's Nest

Give me a cabin
Tucked in the cliffs
With the sound of the surf
Far below

Sea gulls give glad cries
Palms gently sway
And whisper as balmy
Winds blow

Day 19 Creative Bloomings camp creepy crawlies

The crickets sound lovely at night
Fine chorus at dimming of light
But one in my tent
Will soon make me bent
On killing that critter on sight 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Creative Bloomins camp pairs

Rain and Puddles
(a Golden Shovel poem)

The sky lets loose its bounty, so
campers dash to their tents just past three.
It’s the stormy season of the year.
Huddled in tents, the young feel old
and the old feel like children.

The sun comes out, the campers enter
the fray, splashing about in puddles, the
end of the week, the devil-may-care phase
of camping, jumping, laughing, making fun of,  
stomping, getting muddy, name-calling.

(from Child Development by Billy Collins)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Creative Bloomings camp food

Camp Food

The oatmeal will do at the craft time for paste
The omelets they serve are not known for their taste
Free protein, they said, of the bug in my stew
And raw dough won’t kill ya, you know that it's true.
I think they use coffee for fuel for the bus
The casserole meat, they refuse to discuss
Cook waves her knife when her food we keep dissing
I’m worried that the stray cat has gone missing

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 16 Creative Blooming camp Lake

Dust Devil Does its Deed

I watched the wind whirl up the hill,
then to the lake and friend’s kayak.
And whoosh! It hit my friend until  
it turned and got me front to back.
At first, afraid we’d take a spill,
we laughed as I fished out my pack.
But other folks were unaware
of why we sat with mussed-up hair.