Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Attentive Ears

Thank You, Lord.
You know what I need before I ask it.
And You know what I need
even if I don’t know it.
Please, meet all my needs-
the ones I know
and the ones I don’t know.

I put my trust in You.
Lead me. Guide me.
Fill me with Your Spirit.
May we walk hand in hand
and heart to heart,
conversing together.
Friends at all times.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Poetic Bloomings Something Gotta Give


Something’s got to give.
Somethings got to pop.
It’s eight days past
when this baby should drop.

Grandma wonders when.
Grandma wonders why
that baby won’t come
to give his first cry.

I’m big as a blimp.
I’m feeling lazy.
Please come baby,
before I go crazy.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

PA note poem

On My Desk

If you were able to make it over here
past the clutter
to find this note
I’m probably dead.
Nice knowing ya.

10 22 16 PA note poem

On Fridge

Are you bored?
Feeling like a failure?
If so, what you need
is not in here.

10 21 PA bulletin board poem

Along Highway

By the time you read this,
you may have run off the road.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Anniversary Today

Some thirty seven years ago 
We made a promise in my yard.
But very little did we know
That keeping it would be so hard.

So whether rich, poor, well, or sick
With God and grit we made it stick.
For better, worse, great or best
We’re trusting God for all the rest.

10 19 16

The Smile

I didn’t go to church a lot as a child
but I remember one time
squirming in the pew,
looking back behind me
and a lady looked into my eyes and smiled.

I wondered why and turned around.
I had a loving family, but with five girls
in a small house and my dad not believing
 in spanking but yelling, making eye contact
with a smile was rare.

It wasn’t until I was eighteen
I realized Jesus was like that lady.
He looks into your eyes and smiles.