Tuesday, March 31, 2015

From QT

Golden Education

I’ve listened to countless sermons
extolling wisdom and warning against
becoming an educated idiot.
Knowledge is an accumulation of facts.
Wisdom is knowing how to apply it.
Yes, wisdom is more important
but we’re to choose education over gold,
in other words, be willing to pay for it
with time, energy, and money
and trust God it will be worth it,
coupled with the wisdom He provides.

Monday, March 30, 2015

QT prayer

Done with the Armadillo Costume

When someone needy comes to me
for help I often act like an armadillo,
curling up within myself for protection,
offering only a hard shell. Lord,
help me put aside the excuses:
no money, no time, I can’t,
but allow myself to be vulnerable
and see what I have available
to help those people You send me,
assuming that if You directed them to me,
You have also given me the power to act.
At the very least, I can pray for that person,
and trust You to  provide the answer.
Lord, grant me supernatural love
and courage to help those in need.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

from my quiet time

God is Faithful

How many times have I tried to get up early
to pray and have either fallen asleep,
or have become distracted by family or Facebook?
So many times that I don’t feel guilty about it anymore.
Because I know that though I’m not faithful, God always is.
If I send my Z’s to heaven I know He’s there still loving me.
If a family member stands before me,
I know that He himself may have sent them my way.
And if I get distracted by Facebook,
I know He’s even there, teaching me, loving me
through my “friends”, or loving them through me.
And when I do have a truly quiet time,
when all my attention is on Him,
He’s faithfully waiting, keeping His promise
to draw close to me as I draw close to Him.
He’s faithful to listen attentively to my prayers and answer them.
He’s faithful to fill me with the Holy Spirit when I ask Him to.
He’s faithful to comfort and strengthen me.
And I always wonder why I haven’t run to Him sooner,
why I let myself be so caught up with this life.
And I ask Him to forgive me for being too in love with the world.
And He’s so faithful that He does. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

PA settled

Tummy Ache

My unsettled steak
lies in my stomach
and it feels like
a big bull dog is in there, too,
growling, working it over.

I’m round and fat, like I’m expecting.
I’m expecting that I’ll learn
to develop better eating habits someday.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Poetic Words

The wispy cirrus clouds
Danced in the moonlight
Like fairies’ gossamer dresses.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

PA water


Drenching rain
Soaking skin
Fresh mixed scent of grass, earth, lilacs
Trees dancing in wind
Life in raindrops

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

a poem

What’s Around Me?

My computer and cat are on my lap.
To my right on the end table:
A glass of water,
A clock with two magazines
and a book on top,
Two pot holders,
My Kindle on
a stack of books.
To my left on the other end table,
the phone and an empty spot for my computer.
Behind that an antique stool
with a viny plant
in a crock that used to be
what Mom made pickles in.
Things are funny things.