Thursday, September 21, 2017

gnomes summer dance

Moonlit summer dance
Bodies, hearts and souls entwine
Then the testing comes

20 gnomes summer dance

Last Dance

The summer dance is near the end,
As breezes blow through verdant leaves.
The sun smiles down like leaving friend,
While weather offers short reprieves.

Adventurers will rush about
To get in just one last hurrah.
They’ll camp and sail, and try new route,
A summer thrill to give them awe.

And soon the leaves will dance in time.
They’ll drift and lift in autumn air.
In bright new dress, they’re quite sublime.
Let summer end with splendid flare.

19 Poetic Asides Information

Art, body language
Film, nature, education
Sending messages

18 PA information


I nvestigative reporters may put their
N oses where they ought nought be to get the news. Scouring for
F acts they may come up with lies    
O r even fudge on a few details causing their
R eports to be more fiction than reality, as they develop their
M aterial. We need to examine
A ll the evidence with wisdom and discernment.
T he vast communication we experience today and the abundance of
I ntelligence available online can be
O verwhelming. The knowledge we gain is tremendous, though
N ow we’re never sure the data we receive can be trusted.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Poem in a hurry

Nothing Poem

I’ve written thousands of poems.
Surely, I can write one more
But nothing. Time for breakfast.

Maybe my sausage and eggs
Will prod me to inspiration
And magic will flow.

Or the crunch of cereal
Will trigger a memory,
Grist for the perfect poem.

Or the wheat bread toasted
To a golden brown—Melted butter
Will ooze out some ideas

Perhaps the smell of yogurt
And fresh berries urge me on
And the poem will flow.

You just never know
When that poetic muse
Will come tripping by.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Gnomes Choka

Answered Prayer
(Acts 12)

Rhoda was a maid.
She served at a prayer meeting.
Prayer for imprisoned Peter.
While everyone prayed
A knock sounded on the door.
She hurried to answer it.
She heard Peter’s voice
She ran to tell the others.
But they thought she was crazy.
But she insisted.
They thought it must be his ghost.
They finally went with her.
Shocked to find Peter
He told them how he escaped
An angel came to help him
“Tell James and others,”
And went to another place.
Sometimes God’s answers amaze.

Friday, September 15, 2017