Monday, September 30, 2013


Faith Versus Feelings

We cannot live by what we feel
Actuality can be stark
May not be a walk in the park

With reality we must deal
Stirring up motivation
Pleasure may bear no relation  

We diligently seek a thrill
But rest and pleasure may not come
Until our work’s finally done

Oh, we long for what stirs our zeal
Something fulfilling in the end
On a certain hope to depend

Perseverance has its appeal
When we plod along just the same
For the reward that we will gain 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Poetic Bloomings dance

In Heaven We Will Dance

Right here on earth with two left feet
We may not take the chance
But certainly when life is done
In heaven, we will dance

We’ll whirl about among the clouds
And leap in the expanse
The air will fill with sweet perfume
In heaven, we will dance

The harp and lyre, the bass guitar
Will lift us to a prance
Our arms will stretch, our toes will point
In heaven, we will dance

The living colors swirl about
Such beauty at a glance
Excitement bubbles deep within
In heaven, we will dance

Our many partners will partake
In the divine romance
In perfect harmony we’ll sway
In heaven, we will dance

Saturday, September 28, 2013


I desire to aspire to a faith
like how Hebrews imbues men of old.
They believed and received and served God.
They endured, were ignored, made fun of,
and in spite of the might against them.
To their hope like a rope of substance

they hung on and they won in the end. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Acrostic Prayer Walks

I walk around the neighborhood and pray.
I pick a word like GLORIOUS.
G is for give. I thank the Lord for what He gives me.
L is for love. I list the ways He loves me.
O is for over the top. I ask Him for the impossible.
R is for reveal. I implore Him to reveal His heart to me.
I is for intercede. I entreat Him to help others.
O is for opportunities. I pray for open doors for my business.
U is for useful. I ask Him to use me even in my weakness.
S is for safety. I request His protection for His people.
I walk around the neighborhood and pray
and trust the Glorious One to answer my prayers.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Poetic Asides On the Road

Dear Road

Oh my. dear road, how sweet you are
alight with golden autumn leaves.
The tires hum along your curves
while snow-capped mountains call to me.

You and the river dance a waltz.
A herd of elk watch from afar.
The pines and aspens sway in time.
The sky and sun rays glow in glee.

Dear road, to me you are a star
I follow fast to meet my dreams,
as I escape those things that bar
the peaceful paths which calm my nerves.

You carry me in my small car.
No one like you so truly serves.

Poetic Bloomings Bref Double


We wake up at the crack of dawn.
We tug on jeans and pack a lunch.
Fill water bottles to the brim.
And comfortable shoes a must.

We drive to vacant parking lot,
and make a quick stop at the john.
And now we’re ready to begin.
It’s up to mountain top or bust.

We hike for miles then sit upon
a rock, a log or rustic bridge.
Then back we go and spot a fawn
which runs behind a shady limb.

We’re tired but make ourselves go on

until we’re back when light is dim. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Poetic Asides Lai

Good Morning

Pitter pat of feet
That sound can’t be beat
The leap, indiscreet
Under covers meet
Little kisses, sweet
Tickle and repeat

Monday, September 23, 2013



Do the items in our homes
speak of who we are?

Am I made up of a blue decorative oil lamp,
a yellow journal with posies on the cover,
a photo of five women dressed in old-time clothes,
a broken digital camera, and
an “I love Dorks” refrigerator magnet?

In those details can you see
me as a child
collecting shiny glass things,
hiding my treasures
in a secret cache along our drive?

Do you get the gist that I’m a writer
scribbling details of my travels
and wishing for my laptop?

Do you understand
I make magic with photos,
but I’m none too gentle with electronics?

Do you get a sense of my humor
and my compassion?

Are you clued in to
 my love for family, fun and adventure?

Are cluttered houses details of complicated souls? 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Poetic Bloomings Seed Lines


The women in my family
may wobble like gelatin
on the outside,
quiver with fear
and even cower
in sight of chaos
and affliction,
but deep within the cherry goo
lies a backbone strong as steel
and determination
to do what it takes to help,
to love, to thrive, to win.

First line from “Eating the Bones” by Ellen Bass

Saturday, September 21, 2013

free verse

Writer’s Conference

Feeling down
Feeling blue
Where can I go but to You?
Am I a has been?
A never been?
Remember when I became a good shot
at basketball?
I even made a basket full court once.
But then I took a basketball class.
They tried to teach me to shoot correctly.
When it was all done
I could shoot neither way.
Is that happening with my writing?
Lord, show me the correct way
for me.
You are a wise teacher
and the best parent.
You know me more than I know myself.
God, I give my writing
and all that entails to You.
Lead me, guide me, fill me.
Let what comes out be my voice
in You, originating from Your heart.
For my writing, my hope is in You
as it is with anything else.
I love You, Lord,
I’m no longer blue.
You lift me up.


Friday, September 20, 2013

duo rhyme

Rhyme Time

O, Lord, how can I find the time
to put my words into a rhyme?
And why should I use up my brain
and dump my efforts down the drain?
Will poetry become my bane—
to rhyme so much I’ll go insane?
O, can I stand the stress and strain?
Is all my hard work done in vain?
Has this become my sin and crime

or will it be my joy sublime?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Poetic Asides Illusion



What every little girl aspires to be

Perfect female anatomy

Silky hair, large chest

Tiny feet, best dressed

She’s so cool to nth degree


But now get past marketing tricks

Barbie would be anorexic

Five foot nine, 110

Size 3 shoe, a phenomenon

Proportionately, she’d be a freak


Where’s the doll at five foot five

With enough fat to stay alive

Protruding tummy, knobby knees

One who can cough and sneeze

And foot size adequate to stay upright

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Poetic Bloomings Clogyrnach

Dish Soap
There once was a man named Big John
Of all of the things to go wrong
One day in his truck
He got good and stuck
Was, with luck, freed by Dawn

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


O Flu

O flu

You get me down

I’m blue


I sit

Coughing, sweating



I cry

Watching TV


Monday, September 16, 2013

a quatern

There’s a beautiful world out there,
so much to see and do.
Sometimes, I wish to be translated
like Phillip was to the Ethiopian.

There’s an ugly world, too, but
there’s a beautiful a beautiful world out there,
inspiring imagination, discovery, joy—
mountains, valleys, deserts, oceans.

Tiny worlds of molecules
Huge worlds of galaxies
There’s a beautiful world out there,
and a yearning in my heart to explore.

But as so often is,
discovery begins at home.
There’s a fascinating world here as well as
there’s a beautiful world out there.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Poetic Bloomings List poem

My Hubby

Long eyelashes and blue-gray eyes
Broad shoulders and, oh, so wise
Sings well and plays guitar
Deep voice, he’s my star.

Ready with hugs, sweet kisses
Holds hands, loves his Mrs.
Compassionate, sees good in all
Patient, won’t let you fall

Good at math, to the penny
Eats leftovers till there’s not any
Nice handwriting, carpentry skills
Dependable, not big on frills

Doesn’t see in black and white
Creative, tries to do things right
Helpful, frees me to gallivant
Lets me sleep in when I can

Spiritual brother, loves the Lord
A bit different, but I’m not bored.
Works hard, goes the extra mile
Likes to sit and talk awhile


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Azure sky against the pine
A shiver runs up my spine

Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13, 2013

A Minute Poem

What joy to write a minute, yes!
At first, a mess
A bunch of words
Aflight like birds

But like a puzzle comes in line
Thoughts join in time
They may make sense
Or make offense
Perhaps they come as a quick joke
A way to poke
A minute laugh
Or just a half



September 12, 2013, Alaska 30

Serene town
No highways to Ketchikan

September 11, 2013, Alask 29

Alaskan Morning

The Alaskan morning sky
read like a life map—
thick gloomy gray
mixed with white fluff,
a window of bright blue,
and way up high sun rays
descending like an angel.



September 10, 2013

We know a poet name Kane
Some say she might be insane
It’s her special day
So we readily say
Happy birthday!—just the same.

September 9, 2013

Twelve Strangers

Twelve strangers in a canoe stroke in sync.
They glide along in glassy waters—calm.
It makes me wonder as I stop and think.
They do remind me of a living psalm.
The sky, the sun, the air acts as a balm.
How can this be in days of dire distress—
cooperate without a single qualm?
There deep within lies will to coalesce.
In all hard hearts could there reside a chink?
I pray all eyes will open to the Link.

September 8, 2013


You and me, me and You
a rendezvous.
I set the time and place
to seek Your face
because You are everywhere,
and have always been and always will be.
A finite point on an infinite plane,
our hearts unite—a marvel.

September 7, 2013, Alaska 28

Placid scene of seals
Surrounded in silver grays
Sea, mountains and sky

September 6, 2013

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33 NIV)

Take Heart

An evil lurks within our midst.

We wonder when we’ll win release.
In fervent prayer we dare insist

that God would grant this whole world peace.

True peace is only found in Christ.

Trouble innately fills the earth.
He overcame. He paid the price.

Yes, take heart in the second birth.


September 5, 2013


I stood on the short, narrow deck,
with all the times I chickened out.
The time I refused to ride on the fire truck
at my big sister’s eighth birthday.
When I watched everyone else water-ski.
All the occasions I avoided the ocean.
I believed the guide.
The cable would hold.
I stepped out into thin air.
Faith is like that.

September 4, 2013

Up Front

I wouldn’t want her job.
Riding up front.
Leading a tour of bicyclists—
some who hadn’t ridden a bike
for at least half her lifetime.
As we practiced on bulky electric bikes
and a woman crashed, cutting her lip,
did our leader wish she stayed in bed?
As she led us through downtown,
did she imagine us being hit by cars,
or running over pedestrians,
or startling horses drawing carriages?
As we passed the park
could she picture us plowing into a peacock,
like I almost did when it popped out
from behind a parked car?
When her tires rumbled over loose gravel
did she cringe,
her ears alert to the sounds behind her?
When we flew down hill,
did she hold her breath?
When she waited
for the short green light,
did her heart race?
When we returned to the shop,
and an elderly gentleman hit the throttle
and ran his bike up the back of her truck,
what was she thinking behind that half smile?
No, I wouldn’t want her job.


September 3, 2013

Looking Back on Looking Forward

Looking back
on looking forward
I didn’t know what to expect.
I was a little nervous,
a lot excited.
Planned for adventure
and got plenty.
If I knew how it would unfold
would I choose it?
I don’t know,
but I’m glad I didn’t know.



September 2, 2013

Reminiscent of
First day of kindergarten
Shuffle through security lines in socked feet
Sift through tickets and passes
Fuss with carry-ons
Boarding plane

September 1, 2013


Work alone’s no fun
Always to be done
Mix it with passion and bent
Will fill the chasm
You won’t know where the time went

August 31, 2013, Alaska 27

Alaska Prayer 

A lmighty God thank You for creating Alaska and that it
L ooks like you’re going to let me see it. Please help
A ll go smoothly as we travel from one place to another and grant
S afe trips for all of us. But most of all help us feel your presences and
K eep us from worrying or going nuts and help us be sharp in memory
A nd confidence and go forth in boldness, confidence and joy because You are with us.