Friday, May 30, 2014

april challenge

Castle Rock


It rose up

against the slate

New Mexico sky,

arched by a muted rainbow.

I stared, searching for castle doors,

but saw none.

Why do real castles in a storm

seem like ominous monsters

while their rock counterparts

appear as a work of beauty?

from april pad challenge



A fairy dancing in moonlight

A stallion galloping at dusk

Mystery, fantasy, adventure


A calm nighttime sea

A spectrum of the rainbow

A fat bird named bunting


Seductive, sexy, smooth

Voice of Marilyn Monroe

A cowboy’s new jeans


Thursday, May 29, 2014

From April PAD challenge


A soldier dreams in black and white
of deadly visions in the night, 
his buddies sleeping side by side.

Memories move in shades of gray
of loved ones all so far away.
His hopes and longings all denied.

When he awakes the world’s still dim.
He wonders if they think of him.

Moves on, not knowing that he cried. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

PA use new words, CB rhyme royal

My Bestie

My bestie beats all other friends hands down

A bookaholic genius—unsurpassed  

A wackadoodle, quirky gal, a clown


A DIYer, skills and gifts are vast

Her words are not monotic or too fast

To her do-overs are a form of play

Yes, she deserves a herogram each day

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

from the April PAD challenge



In Pennsylvania springs,

green becomes a verb.

Not a gradual budding of bushes

or gentle unfolding of leaves.

Branchy brown hills,

bare roadsides,

drab yards


Monday, May 26, 2014

Devil Dance

The devil danced in the sky.
Roads became rivers.
Trees transformed to dams.
Busses became boats.
People, now slaves,
set to the labor of rebuilding.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Creative Bloomings I Once Dreamed About...

The Dog of My Dreams

I always liked big dogs.
My idea of a perfect dog
was a Great Dane until
I met a beautiful half-
breed, a part St. Bernard,
all of the good features,
and no slobber. That’s
the dog I wanted.

Seven years later,
I had two kids but no
St. Bernard mix. And I
had pretty much given up on
finding one. But then when
visiting a friend, there
stood a dog, larger than life,
with St. Bernard markings.

She was even prettier
than the one I first saw.
My friend said, “Take her.
She’s a stray with no collar.”
I took her home, ecstatic
God had given her to me.
Hubby even recognized her
as the one I’d been hoping for.

But happiness was short lived.
We got a call from a lady
a few miles down the road.
She wanted her dog back.
We had named her Autumn
for her burnt orange coat.
But she called her Amber.
We returned the dog.

That weekend I wondered
why God would send Amber
and then take her away.
That night my daughter and I
dreamed we got her back.
I told her God speaks that way,
at times. Then we got a call—
the lady looking for Amber.

She said if we found her
we could have her. Next,
our pastor, our neighbor, phoned.
Earlier, I had shared about Amber.
When we picked her up,
he Cheshire cat grinned
at God’s goodness to bless us

with the dog of my dreams.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

From April PAD Challenge



I had the creeps, the jitters, too.

Ill-omened gray replaced the blue.

Wild wind breathed hard my terror grew.

I must escape! I must escape!


The house was empty, but for me,

The windows scraped by claws of tree.

The monster’s growl dared me to flee.

I must escape! I must escape!


With pounding heart and knees too weak

And goose bumped skin, and feeling bleak,

I called my cousin ‘cross the creek.

“I must escape! I must escape!”


What else was I supposed to do?

She braved the rain, the lightning, too.

In Gremlin car she made it through.

I did escape, I did escape.

Friday, May 23, 2014

PAD Challenge



Good News


The good that happens

through social media

is often overlooked.

While news watchers gasp at tragedies,

a band of Twitter users

organize aide.

While others complain about injustice,

Facebook friends post petitions,

making a difference.

While some wait for a rich uncle

to die to help the poor,

online people pool pennies

and donate thousands of dollars.

Just like fire can burn down buildings

or cook food and heat homes,

social media can build up

or destroy. It just depends

on how you use it.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bref Double

In Truth and Love


We’re alarmed when actions aren’t to par,

but stemmed from hate and intolerance.  

Narrow-mindedness and vanity

eschews the adverse ones deemed unfit.               


So, why can’t we all just get along?

It seems to live and let live is hard,

and maintain those values we hold dear.

How can we make love prerequisite?


Let’s let love shine like a guiding star,

but still embrace our own moral code.

For neglecting truth will leave a scar,

as sure as hate and vile bigotry.


Let’s accept each other as we are,

and see each other as we can be.



Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Creative Bloomings Staccato


My time is pilfered by a common thief. 
It’s persistent and why I need relief.
Be gone! Be gone! O dreadful fear!
You’ll steal no more. Get out of here!
Let boldness come, conquer and defeat you. 
Be gone! May confidence catch and beat you.

My life is nibbled down by gnawing mice. 
That’s why I often frown; they take their price.
Get out! Get out! Worry, vamoose!
You’ve gobbled too much, now cut loose!
Let faith be the giant cat that eats you.
Get out! Let trust be the one that cheats you.

I’m being followed by a giant snake.
I may be swallowed in one quick intake.
Scurry! Scurry! Depression, go!
Away with you, and don’t be slow!
May deep-seated joy decapitate you. 
Scurry! May happiness lacerate you.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

PAD Challenge

Pop Culture

Music, movies, memes and games
Celebrities, scandals, well-known names
What they wear, what they do
What they say, false or true
Who they love and who they hate
Who they leave and who they date
The hype, the heartbreak, the hullaballoo
What’s passĂ© and what is new
Instagram, Pintrest, Facebook, Twitter
Learn of all the glitz and glitter
Did they die or did they not
What’s his name, I forgot
All the hoopla, angst, and bling
I wonder if it means a thing.

Monday, May 19, 2014

PAD Challenge

If pop culture’s what you wish
Put cola in a Petri dish
Let it incubate
Examine the plate
Now your work is done
Go have some fun. 

5 18 Creative Bloomins song titles

I’m There

Feel like a stranger
drivin’ my life away.
Gone too far,
great old American town,
Rocky Mountain music.

It’s me I’m running from,
runnin’ with the wind.
On second thought,
I love a rainy night.
I can’t help myself.

Hearts on fire.
Hurtin’ for you.
Hold on to me,
one and only one, amazing love.
You can’t run from love.

Eddy Rabbitt Titles

5 17 PAD

Here lies a man, thought pedantic.
Looking for love, he grew frantic.
Down through the years,
He bored women to tears.

He died an incurable romantic. 

Creative Bloomings 5 16

When your writing needs a tweak,
It’s good to go for critique.
But when comments fly, don’t shriek!

5 15 PAD Challenge

Mom and Dad

It’s true, you died two months apart
You broke our heart
Our Mom and Dad
Best to be had

All your five daughters miss you much
Your loving touch
Your tender care
Your constant prayer

As time flies by we all still grieve
And we perceive
That you taught
More than we thought 

May 14 PAD Challenge

Thrilling, fulfilling
Hugging, kissing, loving
House, kids, fights, luggage
Seething, leaving, forgetting
Painful, bitter

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5 13 PAD Challenge

He chased her till she caught him.
She loved and then forgot him.
Then another girl came calling,
And he felt himself falling.
Will he be fooled twice? Not him.

May 13 PAD Challenge

We Will

It’s been almost 35 years
Since we made the promise
I will
We’re like westward-bound pioneers 
Fooling doubting Thomas

Been through mountains, valleys, deserts
Raised two kids and then some
Time flew
We have learned love heals, thrills and hurts
It’s been real, a pain, fun
Luv you 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

poetic bloomings worst thing to say to someone who's dumped

Cheer Up

So I just want to let you know
He cheated and he lied
He’s like veneer, all just for show
So, cheer up, no one died

You’ve wasted all your time with him
And all the tears you’ve cried
Yes, he was just an empty whim
So, cheer up, no one died

Behind your back, he asked me out
Refused, at least I tried 
It’s nothing to complain about
So, cheer up, no one died

Saturday, May 10, 2014

5 10 PAD

If I were Allergic to my Computer

My house would be clean,
I would be thin
from cooking healthy meals
and spending time at the gym.
I’d finish the books I’m reading
and spend more time with my family.
I’d have lunch with friends,
keeping long overdue promises.
I’d plant a garden, do yard work,
paint my house.
If I were allergic to my computer
I’d have to write longhand
and that would be no fun. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

PAD 5 9

If I were my Cat

I’d be photogenic.
I’d cozy up in crocheted afghans,
wiggle my whiskers,
lick my lips and dream of tuna.
When I got an energy spurt
I’d race up and down the hall
like a crazy person
and climb the walls.
I’d chirp at light
dancing on the ceiling
or sit in a sunny window.
I’d insist on lying on the laptop
and let my human watch the screen
between my ears.
She’d stroke my fur
and treat me like a queen.
I’d do whatever I want,
and take the world on my own terms.
I’d choose my friends
and turn my nose up at everyone else.

If I were my cat, I’d have it made.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

April challenge 5 8

If I Were a More Avid Reader

My world wouldn’t be so small.
I ‘d jet around the planet,
go back in time
and off into the future,
without leaving my recliner.
But alas, I’m so consumed
with my to-do list;
I may shrink to a speck of dust
and blow away in the wind. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Poetic Asides The Girl Who, Creative Bloomings wrapped refrain

The Girl Who Worried

The rapping sound, knuckles on wood.
Her heart skipped beats from where she stood.
Though weary, she rushed to the door.
At least, she would worry no more.
Not a sober faced policeman making his round!
Her tingling flesh, her heart, the door, the rapping sound.

Seared in her mind from that day hence,
Like old paintings of great expense,
A dream come true, him bearing gifts.
She smiled as her perspective shifts.
Bright bouquet, box of chocolates, him being kind.
His apologetic look now seared in her mind.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

pad challenge 5 6

The African Bush Elephant

The biggest critter of the land
With four strong legs on which to stand
A tusk about as big as man
The African Bush Elephant

With ears the shape of Africa
A trunk that’s very practical
A mind that’s almost magical
The African Bush Elephant

The elephant’s an herbivore
And they may live to sixty four
They have one calf which they adore
The African Bush Elephant

They are extremely sociable
Like poets, they’re emotional
That goes for both the cow and bull
The African Bush Elephant

They mostly have no enemy
But those who hunt for ivory
And those who crowd where they run free
The African Bush Elephant

Monday, May 5, 2014

PAD 5 5


If all was taken from my life
Except my faith in Jesus Christ
I’d still have hope, love, joy and peace
I’d still rely on promises                    
My purpose would remain the same
If I still held His precious name
And if I didn’t own a thing
I’d still be richer than a king

If all was taken, even sight
I’d live my life by His bright light
If hearing loss was in the deal
I yet would hear His voice so still

No legs to stand, no feet to walk
No tongue to sing, no mouth to talk
No hands to grasp, no arms to raise
I’d still have cause to give Him praise

At the last sound of trumpet ring
I’d find I hadn’t lost a thing 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Creative Bloomings A world without gadgets

A World Without Stereos

Gone are the days when
friends, aunts, uncles, cousins
came out of the woodwork
wielding musical instruments:
banjos, bongos, guitars, fiddles,
flutes, maracas, mandolins
and with old and original songs
would sing and dance away
the night. Now we have
a stately silver box atop
the entertainment center
doling out canned music.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

PAD Challenge 5 3

City Stress

A horrendous headache
renders me weak, feeling like
a mob of monsters stomping
in step to the Macarena. 

Or a razor cutting
 through my neurons
wielded by curious monkeys in
sharp-heeled cowboy boots.

Or tourists dotting my mind
destined to be exploited
like landmarks worn down until
there’s nothing left to give.

A brown haze covers my vision
and my attention splinters like glass.
Thunder of traffic rattles and rumbles
until my head might explode.

I long for what is familiar as an apple
but here I am in a smoggy city
wishing for wings to whisk me away
to a cozy cottage in the country. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

PAD Challenge 5 2

Phoenix, Arizona

Saguaro cactus, barren hills
A desert full of sun and life
A busy city, many thrills
A fertile place in which to thrive

Libraries, churches, parks and schools
And well made roads on which to drive
Its entertainment surely rules
A fertile place in which to thrive

But summers are extremely hot
Need central air in to survive
But winters are well worth the lot
A fertile place in which to thrive

Museums, restaurants, gardens, lakes
And worthy work for which to strive
This sunny town has what it takes
A fertile place in which to thrive

Thursday, May 1, 2014

PAD 5 1

Lincoln, Nebraska

“Why do you want to live there?”
one friend asked, “It’s just a city
someone planted in a cornfield.”

Interesting jobs, green parks,
cleans streets, small town feel
and friendly folks who took us in.

For my sisters, a peaceful place to work,
settle down, meet husbands and raise kids.
In my case, 1,000 miles closer to my fiancé.

PAD 4 30


When I moved to Denver
the first thing I noticed was the noise:
sirens sounding, horns honking,
voices of the young, old, busy, crazy, homeless.

Next, I discovered a lot to do:
live shows, shopping, cool classes,
restaurants—not just places to eat,
but experiences to savor and remember.

Colfax Avenue always pulsed nearby,
and if you kept to your own set of
post office, library, school, church and mall
you weren’t overwhelmed by the city’s size.

Nearly three million people
bustled about like buzzing bees,
dreaming of sweet escapes
to the mountains for the weekend. 

PAD 4 29

A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle

But Goldie would glitter and gleam
Pedaling along on a two-wheeled machine
Blowing bubbles and grinning
With shiny wheels spinning
Lttle fishes would complete the scene

PAD 4 28

Accidents will Happen

Faux pas, blunders, mistakes and goofs
You will need no other proofs
That you’re human and ordinary
Life will be a bit more merry
If you accept this well known truth

PAD 4 27

The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach

She aimed to steal his heart that day
with sex appeal and hips that sway.
She should have baked him cakes and bread.
And shot for his tummy, instead, he walked away.