Tuesday, April 30, 2013

PAD 30 finished or unfinished

Stories Are Never Finished 

My son was in the second grade.
He could read by himself,
but still liked to be read to.
We read about a big, fluffy, funny dog—
very charming, but at the end,
he died.

I could not hide my disappointment.
“Awww, he died!” The sadness hit
as if I lost my own pet.

“Don’t worry, Mom,” my sensible son said,
“Just go back to the beginning,
and he’ll be alive again.”

Monday, April 29, 2013

PAD 29 First line from another poem of yours

 Ten Thousand Fairies Tap Dance on the Roof

Troll bellies rumble.
Ugly ogres paint the sky gray.
Dragons roar flashing their fire.
Giants try to blow out the flames.
Unicorns kick up the dust.
Dryads dance in the trees
and fluff up their hairdos.
Tiny pixies surf on falling leaves.
Imps throw bags, debris, tumbleweeds about.
Elves spray water on the earth
so nymphs and mermaids can join in the fun.
Ten thousand fairies tap dance on the roof.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

PAD 28 shadorma, poetic bloomings photo of egg shell

An eggshell

Lying in the grass


Ancient past

But yet once so important

Requesting respect

Saturday, April 27, 2013

PAD 27 Mechanical


Arm of Pain


Mechanical bull

Mechanical arm

Arm and hammer

Arm candy

Candy Land

Candy cane

Cane chair

Cane handle


Handle with care

Care package

Care Bear

Bear cubs

Bear hug

Hug bug

Hug kiss

Kiss me Kate

Kiss bliss

Bliss and joy

Bliss and peace

Peace sign

Peace keeper

Keeper of the law

Keeper of the stars

Star light

Star bright

Bright eyes

Bright beginnings

Beginnings and endings

Beginnings and beyond

Beyond me

Beyond hope

Hope fulfilled

Hope and love

Love child

Love poems

Poems about life

Poems for kids

Kids in mind

Kids eat free

Free and easy

Free as a bird

Bird dog

Bird brain

Brain teasers

Brain pain

Pain in the neck

Pain reliever



Friday, April 26, 2013

PAD 26 Cast

Cast Your Cares 

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. I Peter 5:7 NIV

Bring God your worries and your fears.
You’ll find He has attentive ears.
His Spirit listens, calms and cheers.
He knows your tears. He knows your tears. 

No trouble is too big or small.
The Lord can handle one and all.
He picks you up each time you fall.
Yes, on Him call. Yes, on Him call. 

He cares for birds and flowers, too.
And how much more He cares for you!
He knows your needs before you do.
Yes, it is true. Yes, it is true.  

So seek His face, don’t fret, but pray.
Commit to do His will each day.
He is the light, the truth and way.
Trust and obey. Trust and obey.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

PAD 25 Everyone...

Everyone Loves Chocolate 

Everyone loves chocolate.
Well, maybe that’s not true.
Perhaps someone doesn’t.
Could be that it’s you. 

If it is, I wonder
how you got that way.
Did you fall on your head
on that first birthday? 

Or maybe a large dog bit you
when you tried to take a bite.
And now eating chocolate
fills you with such fright.

Maybe while you were sleeping,
you were zapped by an alien’s gun.
And now eating chocolate
is no longer fun. 

Why don’t you like chocolate?
It’s puzzling as can be.
But whatever the reason,
I hope it won’t happen to me.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PAD 24 auto, Poetic Bloomings form Constanza


The auto that the old man drives

A 1950 Cadillac

 Red interior, satin black


Most people gawk when it arrives

It floats like a luxury ship

From rounded nose to taillight tip


It looks as sharp as diamond knives

With large tailfins and shiny chrome

And crowned with classy rounded dome


It has outlived almost three wives

Inspired by war time aircraft

So smartly engineered to last


It must have had at least nine lives

To make it through these many years

It has outlasted most its peers


He tinkers, polishes and strives

Just out when weather’s very mild

And treasured like an only child


So through his nurture it survives

Who knows what future is in store

As owner goes on ninety-four

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pad 23 love, antilove

When We’re In Love with To-Do Lists 

Sometimes we get so busy
doing things for the ones we love.
We work, serve, sacrifice.
We feel very loving,
but eventually we look around
and notice we are alone.
Loving nobody.
Nobody loving us.
Loving is no longer fun.

Let’s learn to work, talk, laugh together.
Let’s make sure we do things with each other,
not just for each other.

Monday, April 22, 2013

PAD 22 complex

Words like intricate

Lightly tap dance on your tongue

And sing their meaning

Sunday, April 21, 2013

PAD 21 senryu

From books to Kindle
Addicts switching pills to shots
Straight to the bloodstream

Saturday, April 20, 2013

PAD 20 Beyond


B eyond here, beyond now, beyond me, beyond them
E ternity waits
Y ou wait
O pen our eyes and ears to see and hear spiritual truths
N ever let us sit amuck in the moment
D o an amazing thing in our lives beyond our comprehension.

Friday, April 19, 2013

PAD 19 burn

Two Types of People 

Ones who toast their marshmallows golden
And ones who burn them black 

The toasters dare not get too close to the fire
Barely touching the surface to the flame
Timid, tentative, tenuous
Turning the marshmallow around
Until the light brown is even
Then chew on the morsel that has changed little 

The burners plunge the marshmallow into the fire
Until it catches and engulfs like a torch
Making sure fiery tongues lick every bit black
Sliding it off the stick despite dark residue and burnt fingers
Popping the whole thing into their mouth
Savoring acrid ashes as well as warm gooey centers

Thursday, April 18, 2013

PAD 18 I am...

I am on Empty  

I am on empty
With no gas station in sight
I wish that was one
Just off to the right
But no, it’s a carwash
So I’ll stop there right now
And I’ll contemplate
While I rub with this towel  

I am without cell phone
It's leant to a friend
I like to be someone
On one can depend
But now I’m high and dry
Just like my car
Now I’m wishing
I had OnStar

 I am walking
It’s good for my health
And that is much better
Than magnificent wealth
I spy a pay phone
But oh my gosh
I spent all my quarters
At the carwash

I am enjoying the scenery
As I trudge a long
But when I return
My car is now gone
I flag down a policeman
He found my car
Since it was on empty
It didn’t get far

I am supposed to get married
At quarter till four
But now that it’s seven
My chances are poor
Now that I made it
My bride is in tears
I hope she’ll forgive me
But it may take years

I am now married
And will be awhile
Since for better or worse
She said with a smile
Whoever stole my car
Must have been mean
But now for my honeymoon
At last it is clean

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PAD 17 Express


The large diamond sparkled on her finger.
Expensive chocolates hid in the freezer.
A dozen roses wilted in the crystal vase.
She wandered back to her bedroom,
stretched and reached
the shoe box on her closet shelf,
opened it and pushed aside the tissue paper.
She admired the ceramic work—a gray-haired couple.
He had said it may be them in fifty years.
She turned the key and listened to the tune,
In the Good ‘Ol Summertime.
She had said yes to the one,
but wished for the other.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Matthew 19:26

“All things are possible with God.”
We nod our heads
as we sit on the pews,
and during the week
we say, “I can’t, because…”
“I can’t, because…”
“I can’t, because…”
And then we return
and sit on the pews
and nod our heads
“Yep, all things are possible with God.”
We’re just not so sure
it has anything to do with us.

Monday, April 15, 2013

PAD 15 Infested


I ntense concentration of germs, critters, parasites
N umerous, flooding, overwhelming
F ull capacity and beyond
E normous census, overstocked, overkill
S warming, teeming, brimming
T ainted, infected, corrupted
E ven too much of a good thing is a plague.
D ivine moderation is my goal.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

PAD 14 sonnet, Poetic Bloomings Spring Rain

Spring Dance 

A hidden wooded valley in the east,
A child awaits the first sweet signs of spring.
Some yellow buttercups and, not the least,
Pale purple violets that raindrops bring. 

Ten thousand fairies tap dance on the roof.
Sweet scented breeze breathes life and makes her sing.
The rains pour down their unrelenting proof
That spring is here with all life raindrops bring. 

The dancing rain becomes her childhood friend.
They greet her while she sits on her porch swing.
And when the lightning and thunder storm end,
She skips about in puddles raindrops bring.

But in the mountain desert brisk winds blow,
Spring showers she now meets are likely snow.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

PAD 13 Comparison


Time is like a river,
steadily flowing on.
Time is like a paycheck,
how quickly it is gone.

Time is like an ocean,
always seems to be more.
Time is like a disease,                                  
for which there is no cure.

Time is like a teacher,
on whom you can depend.
But time is psychotic,
it kills you in the end.  

Time is like a buzzard,
looking for a good meal.
Time is like the Wizard.
It turns out, he’s not real.

Friday, April 12, 2013

PAD 12 Broken

Abused, despairing
Spirit like her fingernails
Torn, broken, bleeding

Thursday, April 11, 2013

PAD 11 In Case of ...

 In Case of Meeting a Giant Gorilla

My sis at twenty-one and I, at fifteen,  
prepared to visit a friend in Maryland
about a five hour drive from P-A.

As we loaded our luggage
my mom, meanwhile,
stuffed the back seat.

Battery cables, jugs of water,
firstaid kit, extra food, blankets,
a fist full of change-“just in case.”

“Let’s take a bunch of bananas,
in case we meet a giant gorilla.”
How did I make it to sixteen?

We didn’t use most of Mom’s supplies
but the water came in handy
to wash the windshield.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 10 suffering


Why is it
the happiest people I know
are developmentally disabled? 

They must not have that inner imp
 judging, insulting,demanding,
prodding with discontent.

They must lack that intelligence,
that quick wit, that analytical ability
to breed their own anguish. 

No, they just accept themselves
and others for who they are
and smile.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

PAD 9 Hunter/Hunted

The Hunter 

A hunter thinks and breathes hunting.
His house is decorated with
antlers, photographs, taxidermy
reminding him of his successes.

He talks shop with other hunters—
favorite places, techniques, game.
He endures ridicule from nonhunters
who don’t understand.

He invests in rifles, ammunition,
licenses, clothing, camping gear.
He takes time off for his expeditions.
He rises before the sun. 

He tramps the woods in all weather.
He may not be able to see his prey,
but he knows the signs.
He sits in silence and waits.

 Or he joins fellow hunters
 to flush out their quarry.
He rejoices in the game he gets,
and shares his prize with others.  

Lord, may I be more like the hunter
in dedication, discipline, patience
passion, sacrifice, celebration
when seeking You.  

Monday, April 8, 2013

PAD 8 Instruction

Coot Ideas 

You know that old joke
about how to cook a coot?                   

Stuff the bird with bricks.
Place in a pot.
Cook all day.
Throw away the coot
and eat the bricks. 

Some poems are like that.
Start with an idea.
Add angst, details, memories
a simile here, a metaphor there.
Then delete the original thought. 

Not all concepts are coots,
but some are.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

PAD 7 Sevenling





Red tip


Yellow Jacket




Let us be.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

PAD Day 6 Post


P oem in the making
O thers forsaking
S o cerebrally engrossed
T ime quickly passing
E ach thought amassing  
D ownright determined to post

Friday, April 5, 2013

PAD Day 5 Plus

Gotta Have It

This silly world makes such a fuss.
To emphasize they add a plus.
More! Extra! Bonus is a boon!
The normal stuff is good, but add
some wonder pizzazz, just a tad.
The ultra helps you reach the moon.
New and improved is such a hit.
Yes, super-size to benefit.
May, from this hype, I be immune.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

PAD 4 Hold that blank

Hold Your Horses
She calls for help.
I poke my head into the bathroom
where she’s playing in the bubbles.
“Hold your horses,” I tell her
as I go retrieve something.
When I return I ask
did you hold your horses?
She throws a fit of giggles.
She’s an adult
but a child in many ways.
She’s holding her horses.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

PAD 3 Tentative Poetic Bloomings duo rhyme


How did I get me into this?
I have to think of ways to miss.
Oh, must I face this lions' den?
Yes, there are better ways to spend
my time, on this I can depend.
I feel I will soon meet my end.
This promise I must soon amend.
I’m scared to death, I can’t pretend.
I said I’d do it for a friend.
I volunteered to speak again.
I made it fine the last abyss
I’m sure I’ll be victorious.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013



The sun’s rays reach out like
a twirling ice skater.
The mountains dressed in white
appear to move miles closer.
The field snow sparkles like glitter
on a child’s Christmas card.
As my glasses turn
the world becomes deeper,
making brightness easier to bear.
How long will it take to acclimate to heaven
after the comparative dullness of the earth?

Monday, April 1, 2013

PAD 1 Arrival

S is for Smile 

I seem so sad
and serious
sinking into a insatiable swamp
or being swallowed
by some sensational sea monster.
Serve me up a sense of humor, please.
I’ll sit here sulking while waiting its arrival.
This poem has been brought to you by the letter S.