Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Prompt 30 Against the Odds

This is from my nano character’s pov, and mine!

Against the Odds

Many people said it couldn’t be done,
or it shouldn’t,
that I had too much going on
to take on something so big.
Obstacles blocked my way,
but I overcame them. I grew
I almost quit,
but I kept going
and I finished.
What did I gain from it?
Thirty poems,
a story worthy of a novel
and about ten pounds.

Prompt 29 Day or Evening

Still Traveling

It’s evening.
I’ve arrived at my destination.
I can finally rest.
I close my eyes
and see highway
as if I’m watching a movie
of what I had been staring at all day.
I may as well be on the road.

Prompt 28 Blank Story

(from nano character's pov)

North Dakota Story
When I walked into the church,
I didn’t expect to meet the love of my life.
I was just looking for some company,
some group, to join in with their cause.
But there he was,
talking about God
as if He was his best friend.
And when he smiled,
I knew
and I knew he knew.
 But the weird thing was,
we still had to start out as strangers.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Prompt 27 Tribute Poem


Old Theodore did so much more
than what most people know him for.
He and his sister knew happy times
when his mother would chant some rhymes.

In college, he edited the Jack O Lantern
but when he threw a party, he got burned.
He contributed to the magazine just the same
by secretly using his middle name.

To be a professor, Dad sent him to Oxford,
toured Europe instead because he was bored.
But at Oxford he met his first wife, Helen.
She liked to edit and write for children.

He cartooned for Saturday Evening Post,
but he wrote Standard Oil ads the most.
He contributed cartoons to World War II
and learned animation with Private Snafu.

He wrote books filled with illustrations and rhymes.
His first big one was rejected twenty-seven times.
His big break didn’t come until he was fifty-three,
when the words he used were as simple as can be.

He didn’t die until he was eighty-seven,
then at last he went to heaven.
He wrote about a cat who was wild and loose.
So here’s to the beloved Dr. Seuss!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Prompt 26 Good Old Days

(from nano character’s pov)

Good Old Days

I long for the good old days
when we were still in college
shooting hoops
playing Killer with friends
walking on a starlit night
holding hands
making out,
all before
meeting him.
Now that he’s gone,
is it possible to go back
to the good old days?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Prompt 25

(from my nano character’s pov)


C onsuming gasoline, my motor home
O vereats like a feaster on Thanksgiving,
N o, over drinks, like the town lush. I’m
S pending a mint as my monstrosity
U ses more than its fair share. As my
M otor home ingests its daily meals, I
P erpetually spend my savings, but as I
T ravel over mountains and valleys, I
I mitate my motor home’s desire to
O vertly guzzle gallons of gas, with my
N ever-ending thirst for adventure.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Prompt 24 Gathering

I Give Them All to You

I gather up my gifts and joys
The many blessings You provide
My wants and needs and even toys
I give them gladly all to You

I gather up my strengths and dreams
My talents and abilities
I gather up my plans and schemes
I give them gladly all to You

I gather up my fears and sorrows
All my failures and my pain
I gather up my angst and worries
I give them gladly all to You

I gather up my songs and praise
My adoration and my love
I gather up my life and ways
I give them gladly all to You

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Prompt 23 Travel Poem

From nanowrimo character’s point of view

Drawing Near

Though I have God, my GPS,
The radio, the internet,
My unborn babe, my dog and phone
I feel alone, I feel alone

As pines and rocks go inching by
Through mountains, rain and gloomy sky
As starving men desire food
I long for you, I long for you

As mile markers go slowly past
I dream of seeing you at last
My love for you becomes so clear
As I draw near, as I draw near

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Prompt 22 fruit or vegetable


O range in color as well as name
R eally juicy, that’s its fame
A mazingly so full of C
N utrition for you and me
G ood except for peels and seeds
E xtra good when firmly squeezed

A variety of apples are available today
P err Russet, Galloway
P ink Lady, Cheddar Cross
L eather Coat, Charles Ross
E lton Beauty, Oldenburg
S moothee Golden, plus a whole lot more

Monday, November 21, 2011

Prompt 21 Whenever...

(from nano character’s pov)

Whenever I Tell Him

Will it be when he greets me
after traveling all that way?
Or on a leisurely walk,
the dog trotting on ahead
on a mountain trail?
Or while spotting moose
and elk in the woods?
Or will it be overlooking a waterfall?
Or while soaking
in a  hot sulfur spring?
Or will it be while we’re cuddled
on the couch watching TV?
Whenever I tell him
he’s a father,
will it be goodbye?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Prompt 20 The Best Ever

I Love You

The best ever words of all time
On these no one can improve
Whether in prose or in rhyme
The best ever words of all time
 Whether shouted or in mime
 One to tears, they can move
The best ever words of all time
On these no one can improve

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Prompt 19 Suspicous Minds

from nanowrimo character's point of view

Wondering in North Dakota

As I skipped stones into Lake Michigan,
I wondered what will they think when they find out?
As I ate lunch in South Bend, Indiana,
I wondered what will they think when they find out?
As I watched fireworks in Chicago,
I wondered what will they think when they find out?
As I zipped along on ziplines in Wisconsin Dells,
I wondered what will they think when they find out?
As I did volunteer work at the Mayo Clinic,
I wondered what will they think when they find out?
As I camped at Mason City, Iowa,
I wondered what will they think when they find out?
As I gazed into the stony faces at Mount Rushmore,
I wondered what will they think when they find out?
As I bought the pregnancy test in North Dakota,
I wondered what will they think when they find out?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Prompt 19 Too Late

The Elderly

I had in mind
to get their stories down—
tales of seemingly foreign times—
but their memories passed on
like fish in a stream.
I have in mind
to get my stories down
but will I wait
till they can’t be caught?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Prompt 17 Something is revealed

(This is from my nanowrimo character’s pov.)


Where I cradle my memories
like the tree covered hills
hug the valley,
I learned you lied to me.
My fond nostalgia
of climbing trees
playing in the creek
chasing lightning bugs
is now permeated
with this deep ache
this searing pain
as solid and tangible
as the big oak tree
which served as home base
for games of hide-and-seek.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Prompt 16 Once Upon a ...

Once Upon a Hilltop

From the park tower,
in Montpellier, Vermont,
I spied an eagle
gliding like a kite
in a gentle breeze
and I wished
I could see
as the eagle saw.

And then the eagle said,
“Yes, I have a wonderful view
of the weaving of silvery ribbons
of roads and rivers,
rough textured tree-covered hills,
houses tucked in smooth green patches
but I know One
who sees much more than me
and so do you.”

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Prompt 15 lover or antilove poem

No Greater Love

The Son said, like I’m loved by God,
love each one, though it may be hard.
In selfless love don’t be remiss,
there is no greater love than this.

Great love commits until the end.
Great love lays life down for his friend.
Great love forgives a traitor’s kiss.
There is no greater love than this.

Executed for humankind,
search time and place and you will find
there is no greater love than this.
There is no greater love than this.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Prompt 14 Deadly or Dangerous

Poet’s Slogan

“Feathery ferns bid farewell”
“Tall thin pines like arrows point up”
“Rocky coasts cradle the bay”
“The deer leaps like a dan...”
I swerve.
It’s never
in brochures or commercials,
“Do not poem and drive.”

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Prompt 13 Kindness

Getting High

As the boat took off
and I flew, feeling fine and free,
above the sparkling waters
where the people
playing in the waves
looked like tapioca pearls
in my bubble tea,
I marveled as I considered
the “pay it forwards”
I passed on along the way
and how the feelings
were much the same.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Prompt 12 excess


In my hair
In my clothes
Between my toes
On the floor
In the shower
In my bed
Insistent on staying
Like glitter
from a second grader’s valentine.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Prompt 11 Numbers

Doing the Math in Maryland
I’ve traveled to ten states
for a total of about 2,000 miles
 in eleven days.
I have 40 states,
about 9,000 miles plus two flights,
 and seventy-nine days to go.
I’ve eaten seven foods I’ve never eaten,
have done ten things I’ve never done,
and have met three new friends.
I’ve been adopted by one dog.
I do my daily five—
Pray and read the Bible
Write a poem
Do an hour of exercise
Do something kind
Do something fun—
and I’m learning
no matter how many people
I add into my life
and no matter how many leave
I’ll never be just one,
for You are with me.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Prompt 10 Different Perspective

From Bella’s Point of View

You wake up in the morning
thanking God for your blessings.
You feed me and then say,
“Sorry, I can’t take you with me.
They won’t let you in museums.”
But when you come back in the evening
we take a walk in the park
or run along the beach together.
You rejoice in delicious meals
and toss me the best bites.
But when we go back
to the large doghouse
on wheels, you open
up that glowing metal thing.
You sigh and say,
“I’ve been dumped twice.”
And I lick your salty tears.
It’s the best I can do.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Prompt 9 blank or blank

The Dog or You

Ocean City Maryland?
Or stay here in D.C.?
Shall I shop along the boardwalk?
Or lie out on the beach?

And which looks more delicious,
the rib-eye or the shrimp?
Today’s a life of luxury?
Or is it time to skimp?

 I can choose anything I want
The dog has little say
But if between the dog and you
I’d take you any day.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 8 paranormal or normal


Saw the dog outside Walmart
in South Carolina. The owners
were trying to give away
the St. Bernard/Retriever mix.
Mom, Granny, Sondra and Lee
had all told me to get a dog
for protection as I traveled alone.
I didn’t want the bother.
Besides, she was too big
for my small motor home.

Down the road in North Carolina
there in the city park
was the same dog!
I talked to the family
who had picked her up in South Carolina.
After adopting the animal,
they had discovered
one of their children
was allergic to dog dander.

I admired the dog’s orange coat
and gentle brown eyes
and considered taking her then.
But they had planned to take it to the shelter,
and I figured they could find a better home.
I crossed over into Tennessee,
to say I was there,
then up  to Virginia.

I spied an animal shelter,
and feeling a little guilty
for not helping a dog in need,
I stopped in to volunteer my services.
They said what they really needed
was someone to take a dog
that a family had brought in.
The shelter they first tried had been closed,
so they brought it with them to Virginia.

Sometimes God whispers.
Sometimes He shouts.
I took the dog.

The next day
in Washington D.C.
a hooded man
grabbed my purse
but found himself on his back
with a very large dog
atop his chest.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 7 Blank won't wait

Time Won’t Wait

We walk hand in hand.
Wooden trails
Cypress shade
You’ll be gone in the morning.
Will we meet again?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 6 Addicted

Addicted to Art

By the time we made it to Georgia,
I realized he wasn’t just an artist.
he was addicted. He breathed
inspiration and creativity.
Oils, acrylics and water colors
ran through his veins.
We visited art instead of history museums,
and shopped for paintbrushes,
instead of Georgia peach tee shirts.
He saw the sights
of gnarled driftwood,
cypress and alligators,
ever present Spanish moss and kudzu vines
in terms of lighting, perspective and composition.
When we played on the beach,
he sculpted castles.
When he made dinner,
a feast for the eyes.
And when we kissed,
a masterpiece!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Prompt 5 Broken

Breaking the Law

I never thought
I’d get my clumsy motor home
going fast enough
through the streets of St. Augustine,
to break the law,
so scared, I was, to hit
the multitude of tourists,
but the next thing I knew
lights were flashing behind me,
with a quick blip of the siren.

And the man I wanted to impress most
sat beside me and laughed.
I said, “Sorry officer,
we were talking about
friends and adventures of the past,
and I got careless.”

The officer looked at Lee 
and said, “You owe her dinner.”
“That I’ll do,” my friend agreed.

It turned out to be a good deal.
Tickets to Savory Faire were expensive
and for hours we ate
exotic food from around the world.
I broke the law, but not my budget.
And I hoped this man
wouldn’t break my heart.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4 Something unexpected

Surprise in Mobile

I didn’t expect amidst
exploring art museums,
dining at seafood restaurants
and building sandcastles
to find romance
like a seashell lying there
but when I did
I picked it up
held it to my ear
and listened
for something
larger than myself.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3 Sort of...

Sort of Romantic

I never felt so alone
as I did on the beach
at the Gulf in Mississippi.
I could be abducted
and no one would ever know.
But who needed a villain?
My broken heart could have killed me
right there on the rough sand.
I watched a couple
playing in the water.
They were into each other.
Not just physically.
I could tell by their laughter
and teasing, they enjoyed
each other’s company.
The water wasn’t deep.
They walked together
toward the horizon
until I could barely see them.
I thought that’s how it
would be for us.
And the grief
began to dig and stab,
but then I heard a voice
from within,
“I’m with you.
“I love you.”
I thought of Hagar
in the Bible,
ready to die in the desert
when God spoke to her.  
She called Him,
“The God who sees me.”
He is the God who sees me,
and the God who loves me.
It was sort of romantic.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

PAD day 2 A quote

Southern Louisiana Fishing Lesson

“I know it's hard when you're up to your armpits in alligators to remember you came here to drain the swamp.”—Ronald Reagan

As long and short calls of quails
turned into piping of crickets and frogs,
the stifling air cooled and wind whispered
through tall sugar cane grasses,
and the setting sun painted the pond pink,
featuring silhouettes of pecan trees,
Uncle Billy and I sat at the end of the pier
with an open tackle box at our feet.

From his wheelchair, his helpless arms in his lap,
his gravelly voice instructed me
on how to pierce the eye socket
of the bait fish with the barb of the hook,
while I squealed in disgust and protest.

While we waited with line in water,
he told me the story of Evangeline,
a fictional woman Longfellow immortalized
in an epic poem and became an icon
of Cajun culture. She lost her lover
during the Expulsion of the Acadians
in Canada. A gnarled oak in St. Martinville
bears a sign, “Evangeline Oak,”
the meeting place of the rumored
real couple, Emmeline and Luis.

And he told of the old alligator
that washed up into his pond
after Katrina. It took three of his friends,
a wire box trap and a raw chicken
to get him out and transfer him
to a home better suited in the swamp.

Which reminded him of his favorite quote,
“When you’re up to your armpits in alligators,
you forget about draining the swamp.”

Which led me to a quote of my own,
“When you’re up to your elbows in fish guts,
you forget about eating dinner.”

But I had to admit,
the trout, brim, and sackalay were quite tasty.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PAD Challenge Day 1 Procrastinating or not procrastinating

My poems this month are from the point of veiw of my main character in my novel ( a jilted bride who goes on her fifty state honeymoon alone) not necessarily from mine.

The Adventure Begins

 My tires rumble down the road
as I gaze across the Texas plains,
stretching out, dry and barren,
to a distant horizon.
I wonder how people got here
and more importantly,
why did they stay?

My soul feels like this landscape.

I may not know how I got here,
but pennies have piled up
in my piggybank
as plentiful as my dreams

and I’m NOT going to stay.