Sunday, March 30, 2014

Creative Bloomings revise an old poem

Written in 2004

Forest Trail

I feel kind of dead and lost
Wandering  around in the woods
Occasionally enjoying the journey
the smells of ferns and moss and earth
the sounds of birds and crackling of sticks and leaves under my feet
Occasionally hating the journey
The mosquitoes
the cold
the monotony
wondering where in the world I am
or why I’m in the woods in the first place
is it to build a log cabin
learn from nature
for exercise
Sometimes I just want out of the woods
Help me know your purposes
and not forget them
so matter where I’m at
or whether I’m enjoying it or not
I at least know that I’m going in the right direction.


Forest Companion

I wander in the woods,
enjoying traipsing there—
the sounds of woodland birds,
the smells of ferns and moss,
the crackling underfoot.                     

But rain can get me down.
Mosquitoes irritate.
Monotony abounds.
I wander, wondering
where in the world I am.

Or why I’m even there.
Is it for exercise?
To grow, to learn, to care?
To build a home of logs?
Sometimes, I just want out.

Please, help me understand,
through bad times and the good,
You’re there with map in hand,
still walking by my side,
my hiking guide and friend.


His funny face
Is a trace smart
And spacey, too. 

CB than bauk

I hear a bell
From the well. Oh!
Cat fell down there.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

creative bloomings than-bauk

An empty keg
Drunken beggar
An egg on face 


Nobody wants to die,
but heaven awaits.
We anticipate
something better than baby shampoo—
no more tears!

pa excited


Wide grin
Whirling partner around
Slam dunking trash into a can
What next?

poetic asides excited


E nergized, doing a happy dance
eXtremely performing a joyful prance
C harged and motivated
I nspired, stimulated
T alking rapidly, chuckles, giggles
E lectrified, consumed in wriggles
D aring adventure anticipated 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

revised wha triversan

A Call to Write

I have been writing
thirty plus years; I wonder,
when did I first get the call?

When  Dad read to me
in his monotone about
the cute family dragon?

When Mom allowed me
to put Little Golden Books
in the grocery cart each week?

In fifth grade when I
picked up paper and pencil
to write my first mystery?

When I took my first
children’s fiction writing course
or went to a conference?

When  a publisher
accepted a story or
when I wrote my first novel?

When I self-published
a poetry book, or when
my piece appeared in a book?

When I was assigned
five devotions a month with
a national ministry?

I long to worship
and serve Him in all I do,
writing is just one of them.

I aim to explore
God’s love through fiction and non,
poetry and devotions.

Was it the Lord’s call  
 or was it just Him using
what I offered back to Him? 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Poetic Asides Triversen

Taking the Test

I anticipate
an exciting adventure
up in this Hemlock.

Charming guides chuckle
and joke about the great fall,
yet reassure us.

We are well equipped
to dangle, zip and zoom high
over piney earth.

Past challenges flash
mockingly through my charged mind,
times I cringed in fear.

Skipped water skiing,
declined dance with foreign guy,
sat out adventures.

I step on the bridge
to nowhere, watching others
timidly take turns.

Fearing fear itself,
I watch for the go-ahead,
close my eyes, and jump.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Creative Bloomings color

Midnight Blue

A horse gallops on a moonlit beach
Kayak paddles dip in glittering water
A campfire scent drifts in a cool breeze
An acoustic guitar strums an old folk song
Lovers kiss in dark silhouette
Romance, adventure, mystery
A touch of fantasy

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Poetic Asides Perspective Creative Bloomings Nonet

From Matthew 23:37

America, O, America,
you who abort unborn babies,
imprison the innocent,
and set the guilty free,
how often I long
to embrace you,
like lovers,
yet you

Creative Bloomings Choose a Line Over time and distance

Over Time and Distance

Our memories fade out
Over time
We move away and soon forget
We do, without a doubt
Seems a crime
We cast friends off like an old debt

But still they live inside
Little bits
Which complete our total story
Big secrets we confide
Greatest hits
Fun adventures, guts and glory

Memories in layers
Like grains of sand make up a beach
They’re mixed within our love and prayers
They subsist
Whether or not they are in reach 

Creative Bloomings Choose a Line Where we always laugh and dream

Where We Always Laugh and Dream

I long to go to that place
where we laugh and dream,
but bitterness kills hope
and unforgiveness silences laughter.
So I dream alone
and laugh with others.

Creative Blooming choose a line love lies buried

Love lies buried
beneath childhood scars
waiting for a healing touch

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Creative Bloomings Choose a line: Shared but not Divided

Shared, but not Divided

There’s enough love to go around
For God is love
Love’s dimensions will astound
There’s enough love to go around
His gifts of kindness abound
May our actions stem thereof
There’s enough love to go around

For God is love

Creative Bloomings Choose a line--Evening is a Shroud

Evening is a Shroud

Sunset: day’s death dawns
Souls lie asleep in darkness
Resting, remaining
Waiting for resurrection

When brilliant morning sun shines

Friday, March 14, 2014

wha # 4


Jesus prayed,
Father make us one.
As We’re one, may they be made.
What Jesus asked, God has done.
God answered
with the Holy Ghost.
In love, unity’s displayed—
the church, Spirit, Father, Son.
My heart’s stirred
to write and to boast,
and explore His Word
and love—coast to coast, to coast.

a prayer

I Cling to You, Lord

Hello, Lord,
I love You so much.
My heart’s where Your Word is stored.
Lord, I crave Your gentle touch.
Help me see
Your hand in my life
and the blessings You afford,
but release me from their clutch.
Set me free.
Cut greed like a knife.
Help me own them, not them me.
May I live in peace, not strife

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Poetic Asides Care

Care Giving

I’m not a saint or insane
I make a living giving care
My job’s a blessing and a bane

They now live in my domain
Occasionally it feels unfair
I’m not a saint or insane

Like a family with its strain
Calling for a lot of prayer
My job’s a blessing and a bane

Relentless, like a ball and chain
24/7, I’m always there
I’m not a saint or insane

But still there is much to gain
They have hugs and smiles to spare
My job’s a blessing and a bane

Yes, it’s worth it in the main
I receive and I share
I’m not a saint or insane
My job’s a blessing and a bane 

Creative Bloomings Palindrome

Fun Moments

Grins, giggles, guffaws
Bubbly, infectious
Rolling, delighting, shaking
Hiccups, titters, smiles
Friends enjoying friends
Smiles, titters, hiccups
Shaking, delighting, rolling
Infectious, bubbly
Guffaws, giggles, grins


Monday, March 10, 2014

wha #3

The Call to Write

What burns within my soul so deep?
A glowing coal set to ignite
The Spirit fans with Holy breath
The call to write, the call to write

His love’s conveyed in many forms
Sweet comfort in the darkest night
A Holy message stemming from
The call to write, the call to write

A time of prayer, a secret place
A rendezvous that does excite
An opening to meet with God
The call to write, the call to write

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Creative Bloomings little things

A Pebble

I keep a pebble in my purse
Inspiring me to write
For it’s the mundane things of life
That parallel our plight

A pebble’s often overlooked
It takes a special mind
To see the beauty in the small
To seek gold and to find

I keep a pebble in my purse
I know it may sound strange
But there it is reminding me
When I go look for change

To see the trivial and bland
With fresh and skillful eye
And sprinkled with incredulity
To spark a grand insight

I keep a pebble in my purse
With it I can relate
For it’s the teeny tiny things
That just may turn our fate

Saturday, March 8, 2014

WHA #2


Writing’s part of who I am
Same as thoughts and dreams
What I feel and what I sense
My ambitions and schemes

Writing’s part of who God is
It’s His special gift
To explore His love and grace
I won’t go adrift

He expresses who He is
I’m a conduit
Telling people His good news
Reasons to commit

After I am dead and gone
Manuscripts will stay
Hopefully they’ll help someone
Find the Only Way

Friday, March 7, 2014

WHA #1

A Call to Write

I’ve been writing thirty plus years.
When did I first get the call?
Or was it just a niggling desire.
Did it start with my love for reading?
Dad sitting me on his knee
reading in his monotone voice
about the woodpecker and the telephone pole?
Was it when Mom would allow me
to put Two Little Golden books
in the grocery cart each week?
Was it in fifth grade when I picked up paper
and pencil to write my first novel,
which sounded a lot like Trixie Belden.
Was it when I took my first writer’s course?
Attended my first writer’s conference?
Was it the first time I got an acceptance
for a fiction story?
When I published my first devotion?
When I got a regular monthly assignment
with a national ministry?
When I made the decision to self publish?
All that I know is I desire to worship
and serve Him in everything I do.
Writing is one of them.
I long for others to know His love
and I aim to explore that love
through poetry, devotions,
articles, fiction, and children’s writing.
So was it a call to write
 or was it just God accepting and using
what I offer to Him
with an outstretched hand?

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Something New

Something fresh, new, exciting in the air
Makes me shiver with anticipation
The fresh lilac scents, the birds’ chirps and trills

Branches budding green, tulips flaring red
Rain on my back, my head, my face, my tongue
Gentle breezes waving and whispering

Spring like a sigh after a tense moment
Gives us reason for great celebration
But beyond that, it comes with promises

Of travel, exploring, activity
Learning, adventure, meeting new people
Our souls dipped in invigorating fun

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Poetic Asides Announcement

What Works

I remember why I don’t write all day.
I work myself into a stupor.
I turn into a lazy lunk.
I just want to sit and eat,
let everything else slide.
Some writers can sit.
I need to mix
feet-work with
seat work.

Creative Bloomings Triquint


Wounded, broken in her bed she lay
Her pain bluntly on display
A pain here to stay
Come let’s pray

An agonizing, soul-wrenching day  
We watch and wait in dismay
A pain here to stay
Come let’s pray

She dwells in another world today
Death carried the greatest sway
A pain here to stay
Come let’s pray

Tuesday, March 4, 2014



I ntimate with no one, in her own little world
S olitary confinement, bored and ignored  
O n her own with nothing to do
L onely, and feeling so blue
A bandoned to fend for herself
T otally cut off and set on a shelf
I nsanely separate with little light
O nly one around, no one in sight
N aturally unaccompanied, repelling others,
            Well, at least, she’s having her druthers

Monday, March 3, 2014

from something Andy said at church

Am I Blessed?

What is a blessing? I might ask.
Is it when we complete a task?
Or when we get a thing we want?
Or when we do a tricky stunt?
Are we blessed when things go our way?
And not, when there’s a bad hair day?
The wealthy blessed, when poor are not?
The first remembered—last forgot?
What is it to be blessed by God?
To others Jesus sounded odd.
He said the blessed are mournful, meek,
the merciful, truthful, and weak.
Ones who value what’s good and right.
delight in truth, for peace they fight
and get in trouble doing good,
stick up for Jesus as they should.
God’s favor rests on those who dare
to live Christ’s Word, His love and care.
They value eternal reward,
not what this old world can afford.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Creative Bloomings Every Life Needs Its Own...

Every Life Needs Its Own Story

Setting, characters, theme
Aspirations, obstacles, subplots
Denouement, plans for the sequel

Creative Bloomings Every Life Needs Its Own...

Every Life Needs Its Own Rocket Booster

Something to get it going.
A dream, a desire, a purpose.
A responsibility, a family, a love.
Or, at least, hunger, thirst, warmth.
Some sluggish rockets
need more than one
with a great fire lit at their tail.