Tuesday, August 29, 2017

From devo


We are specks
on a speck of a planet
and You still
know us,
love us,
and answer our prayers.

You speak to the specks
as if we’re special.

Help our tiny ears hear.

Monday, August 28, 2017


Dear Lord,

Forgive me
if I act
like You’re
the big meanie
in the sky
who brings
on us
all our troubles.

I know
You’re not
and You even
use our troubles
for our good.
Thank You
gracious God.

27 prayer

Good Morning, Lord
or Good Lord, Morning

Sometimes praying
is like trying to wake up
in the early morning.

A little foggy.
An annoying duty.
But you force your eyes open.

Knowing the more you sleep,
the more you miss out.

So you press yourself to pray
knowing a glorious day awaits.

26 observation


He smiles at the window
knowing he’ll go out soon
after being cooped up
all weekend. Freedom—
a breath of fresh air.

25 Houston flood video

He caught a fish
in his living room.
Having a little fun
in a flood.
May we all catch fish
in our troubles.

24 something small

Once part of something big
Now reduced to base labor
A toothpick

23 guilt

Guilt gnaws like hunger
ready for a great meal
of confession and forgiveness.

22 sadness

Sometimes sadness
gets lost in the shuffle
as it wanders about
unnoticed and ignored
till tears suddenly flow.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Garden Gnomes Love


L eaving one you love
O pens up a flood of memories,
V irtually reliving shared
E xperiences for years to come.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Garden Gnomes

In the Garden

A bit of black earth
Underneath my fingernails
Shows I’ve been gardening

A bit of a smile
Flowing from my fingertips
Shows I’ve been poeming

PA Big Event

Life Goes On

Since your right side
went on strike.
The car had three flats.
The toilet got plugged.
The windshield cracked.
The refrigerator quit.
My email was hacked.
Laundry piled up.
Dirty dishes stacked.
Essays and paperwork await.
And everyone still
seems to need to eat,
take showers and go
where they need to go.
It would be a nice
if there was a pause button
on the little things
when the big things happen.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

After four

Shopping and Then Some

Pulling the cart with client attached
Turning corners widely so he won’t bump into things.
Sports, kitchen, men’s and women’s clothing,
Household, jewelry, cleaning supplies, groceries
Crossing the last item off the list.

Making supper, editing paper, doing dishes,
putting people to bed, writing this poem
Hoping I have the wherewithal to write an essay

Friday, August 18, 2017


Just when my plate was full to over flowing
the Lord dumps my plate and fills it with something else.
And I’m left staring at this unfamiliar plate
wondering where I should stick my fork in first.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

August 16, 2017 Poetic Asides Introduction

Meeting of Essayist and Poet

I walked into a crowded room of writers
busily buying bunches of books from other writers.

Bumping me this way and that as they swished past,
and I said, “I feel like a rock in a river.”

I made my way across the aisle
where a lady looked at me and asked,

“Are you a poet?” “Yes,” I answered. “Why?”
“I could tell by what you said.”

“How would you say it?” I asked.
“I’m in the way,” she answered.

I said, “You must write nonfiction.”
She nodded. We laughed a writerly laugh.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Stroke poem

When it Rains

Since hubby had a stroke
Had three flat tires
A cracked windshield
A hacked computer
A clogged toilet

Because of God,
when I am weak
I am strong.
See me flex
my muscles.

Monday, August 14, 2017

August 14, 2017

Van full of equipment
Wheelchair, bath chair, commode rails
Hoping they won’t grow old at my house

August 13, 2017

Discreet Goodbyes

The nurses looked a little teary
When they said their goodbyes
Wheeled him to our van, waiting
But when he pulled out the urinal
They went back in commenting
About watering the bushes

August 12, 2017

Prayer Meeting

Being prayed for in Jesus’ name
By a group of brothers and sisters
In the presence of the Holy Spirit
Like taking a soothing bubble bath
My mind and soul are squeaky clean

August 11, 2017

Helping hubby since his stroke
Do his bathroom duties
For better or for worse
Not what I had in mind
But it’s okay

August 10, 2017

Justin takes a bath
Squirts me with his bath buddies
Wipe off my laptop

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Poetic Asides money

Someone hacked me who is cruel.
No, I’m not in Istanbul.
I need no money or your pity,
No sick aunt in New York City.
I do have a hubby who had a stroke,
but don’s send money, we’re not broke.

Aug 8 Ballad form

Morning News

When I go out my door, today,
in trusty tennis shoes.
I pad along with ears alert
to hear the morning news.

The sparrows twitter cat is near.
I see her hiding there.
The postman’s started out his rounds.
The morning weather’s fair.

But judging by the soggy leaves,
it rained here in the night.
The neighbors must have stayed out late.
The house is locked up tight.

The silence signals all is well
while people start to stir.
Then soon to-dos will shout out loud
and day will be a blur.

Monday, August 7, 2017


Hotel Bed

This is an ode to the hotel bed
that spits you out upon your head.
With mattresses piled to make them wobble,
a night on them will make you hobble.
But if you manage to stay in the middle,
you’ll awake as fit as a fiddle. 

Aug 6 Iambic pentameter (almost)

Divine Companion

Some years ago, I had a lonely time.
It seemed my friends were dropping like dead flies.
One died. One moved. One drifted far away.
And one pursued some new relationships.
The Lord reminded me of Shannon Creek.
My childhood years, my parents ran a park,
a place where folks had fun in Snannon Creek.
And even when the pretty park closed down,
all of us neighborhood kids would play there.
 The old abandoned park with broken bridge
was where I liked to go as moody teen.
One particular wintry New Year’s Eve,
my three best friends went off and left me home.
I sat on the old crumbling bridge and watched
the ice, the twigs, the brown dead leaves rush past.
I heard His voice above my heavy thoughts.
“I want to be with you my precious child.”
Though none on earth wanted to be with me,
the God who made the universe so did.
He cleared the way so I could be with Him.  
At home, I celebrated with my King.
I read fourteen to seventeen of John. 
Christ’s friends were sad that he would go away.
Abide in me, He said, so you’ll bear fruit.
He wants to hang out with each one of us.
So God reminded me of this again.
Instead of grumbling, thank Him for His love.
He paid it all for us to come to Him.
Don’t wait until you’re down and feeling blue.
Enjoy your friends, let Him fulfill your life.

Aug 5 Patterned after Frost's Snowy Evening

A Silly Dream

I dreamed a very silly dream
Containing a romantic theme
A boy I once knew long ago
We met at last with eyes agleam

I told him what he didn’t know
That I did want him as a beau
First grade paired up to do our work
He asked me to but I said no

He must have thought I was a jerk
Though I declined without a smirk
Already promised a shy friend
One who displayed not just one quirk

He asked, “We’re beaus until the end?”
I had to turn him down again
I made a vow I cannot bend
I made a vow I cannot bend 

Friday, August 4, 2017


Dozing Off

He dozes off in his wheel chair
He walked the loop three times today
Sometimes it seems that it’s not fair
He dozes off in his wheel chair
Sometimes it seems too much to bear
We count on all of those who pray
He dozes off in his wheel chair
He walked the loop three times today

triolet 8 3 17

The Simple Things

The light ring rings to call the nurse
The simple things are luxuries
But we are glad things are not worse
The light ring rings to call the nurse
As we partake in Adam’s curse
You will get better by degrees
The light ring rings to call the nurse
The simple things are luxuries

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Poetic Asides Error

By a Thread

“I told you I was sick,” you said.
I told you to have your bp read.

You could be dead
Instead, part of your brain died in your head.

Now you can’t get out of bed
without help. We know not what’s ahead.

You must take your med
so the illness doesn’t spread.

I’ll see that you’re fed.
I love you since we wed.

Nearly forty years ago. No dread.
We trust the one whose blood was shed.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

With thoughts of Robert Frost

Back Home

I once used to chase fireflies about
When I was little and liked to go out
Barefoot, running free, breathing country air
Sisters and friends playing, good times to share
Laughing and having fun, without a doubt

Riding my bicycle up the long drive
Tending the gardens and watching them thrive
Playing ball, badminton, and hide and seek
And building a rock dam in Shannon Creek
Always running outdoors, feeling alive

And now the pines are as big as the oak
The weeds the driveway has begun to choke
The little red house is no longer there
The land’s now home to deer, rabbits and bear
Many feelings these images evoke