Monday, August 7, 2017

Aug 6 Iambic pentameter (almost)

Divine Companion

Some years ago, I had a lonely time.
It seemed my friends were dropping like dead flies.
One died. One moved. One drifted far away.
And one pursued some new relationships.
The Lord reminded me of Shannon Creek.
My childhood years, my parents ran a park,
a place where folks had fun in Snannon Creek.
And even when the pretty park closed down,
all of us neighborhood kids would play there.
 The old abandoned park with broken bridge
was where I liked to go as moody teen.
One particular wintry New Year’s Eve,
my three best friends went off and left me home.
I sat on the old crumbling bridge and watched
the ice, the twigs, the brown dead leaves rush past.
I heard His voice above my heavy thoughts.
“I want to be with you my precious child.”
Though none on earth wanted to be with me,
the God who made the universe so did.
He cleared the way so I could be with Him.  
At home, I celebrated with my King.
I read fourteen to seventeen of John. 
Christ’s friends were sad that he would go away.
Abide in me, He said, so you’ll bear fruit.
He wants to hang out with each one of us.
So God reminded me of this again.
Instead of grumbling, thank Him for His love.
He paid it all for us to come to Him.
Don’t wait until you’re down and feeling blue.
Enjoy your friends, let Him fulfill your life.

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