Monday, June 30, 2014

From April PAD challenge

The Monster Dance

The monsters dance as moon comes out.
 They glide and whirl and twirl about.
When toes are squished they give a shout
And then begins the brawl.
They’ll make them pay, without a doubt,
A monster free-for-all.

When fights die down, their dance resumes,
But they eat beans and, oh, those fumes!
Resulting stench could fill six rooms.
Like naughty brothers, they
Compete with stinkers, burps and booms.
In all of this, they swing and sway.

When they get tired, they take a nap,
But snore so loud, they snarl and snap.
They moan and mutter, howl and yap.
And thus this ends their dance.

So if you’re asked by monster chap,
I wouldn’t take the chance.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

poetic asides word association

Burnt toast
Acrid odor
Melted butter, peach jam
Crunchy enjoyment leaving crumbs


Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 28, 2014

Electric Bike

I’ve never had such fun in my life
than when I rode an electric bike.

Steep hills are no problem, up you zip.
You can keep up with the young and hip.

You still pedal and keep yourself fit.
You are not too old, you need not quit.

Easier than a regular bike.
It beats walking or taking a hike.

The cost is cheap, compared to a car.
You’ll get fresh air and you can go far.

So save your pennies and zip along.
With electric bikes, you can’t go wrong.

June 27


Words can be a nurturing well
A fountain of youth
A downpour in the desert
A flood gate of truth

Words can flow like a river
A home to some creatures
Or a thunderous waterfall
With eye-catching features

But words can drown a person
Or flood a great city
Words can wound and destroy
Which is a great pity

May the words you write
Be the life-giving kind
Giving hope to the hopeless
And sight to the blind

June 26

The River

A river flows within my heart today,
life-giving, bubbling, rushing through with bliss.
It carries off debris that comes my way,
and tastes much sweeter than a lover’s kiss.
It grows much deeper with each time I pray.

June 25

Funeral of a Fiend

The man with the collar
gathers mourners
with lightning green eyes.

In a thunderous voice,
he soaks them with platitudes
and idealistic images of the dead.

He holds up the deceased
as a poster child
for all that is noble.

Disdain lies dormant,
an underground hot spring.
Grieving conceals grins.

The family scatters,
secretly rejoicing,

their tears, a spring rain.

June 24

Boxed in,
But too cozy.
Settle in for a nap.
Away from world’s worries. Boring.
Break out!

June 23

Not a Good Buy, but a Goodbye

“The last straw, the last hurrah and goodbye.”
She said it with gravity and a sigh.
He didn’t quite believe her farewell then,
but now the years have added up to ten.

It was over a simple thing, the why,
the last straw, the last hurrah and goodbye.
To him it was the perfect birthday gift.
It would give her spirit and face a lift.

She didn’t need it, really, he did insist.
It was a bargain he couldn’t resist,
the last straw, the last hurrah and goodbye.
He was clueless to why it made her cry.

So that fateful romantic birthday night,
he heard her refusal by candlelight.
He is still a younger looking guy since
the last straw, the last hurrah and goodbye.

June 22

When I Can Care No More

Sometimes I wonder
what the last straw will be.
One more meeting?
A sleepless night?
A ruined carpet?
A broken van?
A dock in pay?
An illness or injury?
An insult or argument?
I pray when this ends,
it will end well. 

June 21

Tell it to the Lord

In this age, we’re busy, with little time
for our friends and family. It’s a crime.
You may feel alone, out of sorts and blue.
Cast your cares on Him, for He cares for you.

Give them all to Him: your concerns and fears,
your dilemmas, hopes, your distress and tears,
what’s beyond your reach, that’s too hard to do.
Cast your cares on Him, for He cares for you.

You may think that God lives too high to care
about food you eat and the clothes you wear.
From the bills to pay, to the rent that’s due,
cast your cares on Him, for He cares for you.

He is big enough to attend it all,
from the universe to the molecule.
He provides for birds and the flowers, too.
Cast your cares on Him, for he cares for you.

June 20

Tell it to the Doctor

I care about you, yes, but about your back pain,
blood sugar, blood pressure, headaches, eye strain,
ear wax, ear ringing, nose hairs, tooth ache, goiter,
gout, hernias, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, dizziness,
hyperactive bladder, irritable bowels, creaky knees,
weak ankles, arthritis, restless legs, constipation,

ingrown toenails, tummy aches, ulcers, not so much. 

June 19

Tell Her

Sad eyes, words lie
Make haste and apologize
In the closet, a smashed antique
Guilt causes minds to reek

June 18


Earth breathes
Exhaling steamy breath

Strangers stop and stare

June 17

Jesus is Like…

Wide open, welcoming
A refuge, an adventure, a call

Freely flowing water
Offering abundant spring-like life

A sunny state midst growth
Strength and help in raging hurricanes

Fine fragrance, graciousness
Lavish, verdant beauty, joy and love

for June 16

Where I Grew Up

In a shaded P-A valley
a house’s ghost haunts
where a young couple,
fresh after WWII,
raised five girls.

Rabbits, deer,
bobcats, bear
wander through,
unafraid of the hunter
who once lived there.

for June 15

S u r r e n d e r s


Saturday, June 14, 2014

April PAD challenge


Most people have forgotten
cheerfulness is a good thing.
They may call people who
look on the bright side
a Pollyanna, a hopeless romantic
or an unrealistic idealist.
It may even be fun to complain,
criticize, or grumble about this or that.
Tiny raindrops wear down a stone.
Lemon without sugar sours the cake.
A sunny smile can encourage
a despairing heart.

from april pad challenge

Prayer for a Good Attitude

Lord, help me have a better attitude.
I want to offer thanksgiving and praise
and never complain, mutiny or brood.
Let me advance to a positive phase.

I want to offer thanksgiving and praise.
You are holy and worthy, Mighty One.
Let me advance to a positive phase,
by Your Spirit in the name of Your Son.

You are holy and worthy, Mighty One.
May I not slight You with doubts and complaints,
by Your Spirit in the name of Your Son.
Fear, panic and worry are faith’s restraints.

May I not slight You with doubts and complaints.
Trust releases me to receive Your grace.
Fear, panic and worry are faith’s restraints.
Faith enables me to look on Your face.

Trust releases me to receive You grace,
to avoid depression, gloom and despair.
Faith enables me to look on Your face,
to smile and take heart in Your loving care.

To avoid depression, gloom and despair,
Lord, help me have a better attitude,
to smile and take heart in Your loving care
and never complain, mutiny or brood.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

from April PAD challenge

Gloomy, negative
Whining, worrying, doubting
Fears, complaints, praise, thanksgiving
Planning, hoping, believing
Bright, positive


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

PA industry CB Puente

Ant Hill
(a Puente)

Like little ants scurrying
here and there
trying to carry
more that we can bear,
we follow sugar trails
of our own desires
until our industriousness
becomes its own burden.

~ then we burrow in the ground

in holes dark and deep,
following labyrinths,
feeling part
of a bustling community,
until we lose sight
of the sunny world
and go to sleep, believing
there’s something more.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

from April pad


My hands tremble as
lightning flashes and
rain drizzles outside
on the once-dry
lumber, making a fire
hard to come by. I feel
the vibration of thunder
and I wonder at
life’s intricacies.

In the darkness and clouds,
the downpour denies
the image of dreariness
and depression
as it waters the earth
and makes redwoods grow.
If we had no storms
our days would be

Maybe a happy boredom
 would be delightful,
but no, not for me.
Sunshine and shower.
Roses and thorns.
Clamorous and melodious
music sets couples dressed
in satinwear dancing
to jives and waltzes. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

From April PAD Challenge

 ABC’s of Writing

A void passive verbs.
B e succinct.
C liche’s are old hat.
D on’t use two spaces between sentences.
E xamples should be specific.
F ind the funny.
G et a second pair of eyes to critique your work.
H ang out with other writers.
I nterview people in the know.
J ust keep writing, writing, writing.
K eep your project to yourself until the rough draft is complete.
L iteral is the strict definition of a word or phrase, not figurative. Don’t take “G” literally.
M isspelled words speak of your incompetence.
N ever say never or always, or at least, almost never say never or always.
O bserve the world using all of your senses.
P lease, respect your readers’ time.
Q uerying editors can prevent unpublished manuscripts.
R esearch, using primary resources when possible.
S how don’t tell.
T oo many adjectives is like a cake that’s too rich.
U se adverbs sparingly.
V ery, so, really, just, interesting, got (among others) should seldom be used.
W rite what you know.
X ylophone starts with a Z sound. Writers have been confusing early readers for years.
Y ou are a writer if you write. Improve your skills by studying and practicing the craft.
Z ero in on your project: complete rough draft, revise and submit.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Creative Blooming memories of a room

My Room

With four sisters, it wasn’t until
I was a high school junior
when I finally got a room of my own.

It was bout 10 x 12 with one window
shaded by a choke cherry tree
occasionally attacked by a woodpecker.

I painted the walls bright orange
with brown trim. No rugs
covered the rough wooden floor.

At night I had to pound on the walls
to keep the chipmunks quiet.
My friends thought that hilarious.

A single clothing rack
tucked behind the door
held my few hang-up clothes.

The room also housed a dresser
a book shelf, bunk beds
and two corner shelves.

The shelves held my
teapot and vase collection
and incense burner.

One wall featured an antique mirror,
big, but not full-length, another
displayed pennants from my travels.

I slept on the top bunk,
though no one slept on the bottom.
The radio, within reach, played rock music.

In various places, I hid my diary
(mostly about my boyfriend)
but my little sister always found it.

When my daughter, at sixteen,  
resembled me, my sister said  
she had sudden urges to steal her diary.

Through the thin walls, 
I listened to my parents worry about me,
and found it strangely comforting. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

From April PAD Challenge

Greatest Commandments

When your life goes off the rails,
when all else fails,
what remains you can afford,
love the Lord.
Don’t forget your sisters and brothers,
and love others.
Not the love that rules or smothers,
or the loves that begs and whines,
but the loves that gives through time.
When all else fails, love the Lord, and love others. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

From April PAD challenge

Cluttered Sink

A jumble of dishes
stack higher and higher
while the shower runs,
the hair dryers hum,
the shoe search ensues
and then it’s a  mad dash

out the door to go to church.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

PA ode to...

Like Winnie the Pooh

Here’s to my bear with little brain;
you’re gifted in other ways.

Your smiles
Your curiosity
Your innocence
Your funny ways
Your delight in simple things
Your sensitivity to those around you

Like Pooh Bear,
what’s not to love?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Creative Blooming Quintella

The Alpaca Dance

Your partners are all set to prance.
Long legs, big eyes, thick fur.  And hums.
You’ll brush them now from neck to bums.
If you’re willing to take the chance.
Let’s all do the alpaca dance.

So listen here, I’ll teach the stance.
Right arm blocks head, avoid the spit.
Left brushes high and low a bit.  
Watch out, they’ll look at you askance.
Let’s all do the alpaca dance.

I’ll warn you now in great advance.
To kick at you, it’s spiteful goal.
Push bum and scoot around the pole.
Brush fast while it holds still perchance.
Let’s all do the alpaca dance.

The fiber grows your friend’s finance.
Remove the sticks, the hay, the burrs.
Then time to shear. The cries! The whirrs!  
They look like deer now, at first glance.
Let’s all do the alpaca dance.

I’ll tell you now, it’s not romance.
Watch where you step, it’s all not hay.
Yes, you have earned your meal today.
Now, watch them run in the expanse.
Let’s all do the alpaca dance.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

From April Challenge

Muddy Shoes

Inside the farmhouse door
a mass of muddy shoes
guard the shiny kitchen floor.

Family and friends
pad along in socks

until the next chore calls.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hedge mottles sunlight
Chubby cherubs dance on bench
Hydrangeas watch

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Poetic Bloomings a lie and why

Just a Minute

I’ll be with you in a just minute.
Go back to bed, I’ll soon be in it.
Oh sure, Wifey, he must be thinking.
I see that cup of tea you’re drinking.
And your computer light’s still glowing.
You’ll check your email, I am knowing.
Next, you’ll peruse today’s Facebook feed
and then eat a snack you think you’ll need.
And while you’re at it you’ll watch a show
and you’ll wonder where the time will go.
Just a minute, I don’t believe that’s true,
three hours and a minute, if I know you.