Sunday, November 30, 2014

PAD Challenge 30 inevitable


The moon glows with magic
The stars twinkle in time
Fairy songs lilt in the wind
Lilac sweeten the air
Fireflies light the way
Pixies watch and giggle
A first kiss

Saturday, November 29, 2014

PAD Challenge Do It Again

Do It Again!

Mama Fairy said,
“Lily, Milly, Tilly and Spark,
Please take your baby brother, Lark,
Over to the neighborhood park.
Don’t make me say it again.”

At the park, they did the right thing.
And pushed baby Lark on the swing.
He liked it when they would sing.
And Lark said, “Do it again! Again! Again!”
So they swung him, again, again and again.

They took Lark by the hands and whirled.
‘Round and ‘round in circles they twirled.
Till trees, grass and rocks were swirled.
And Lark said, “Do it again! Again! Again!”
So they whirled him, again, again and again.

He’d crawl on their backs, astride.
So they would take him for a ride.
They’d fly him about, far and wide.
And Lark said, “Do it again! Again! Again!”
So they flew him, again, again and again.

Mama called, “It’s time for a nap!”
So they hurried home in a snap.
Lark, fell asleep on Mama’s lap.
And he began to snore.
And the fairy kids said, “No more!”

So they rested their weary heads.
And fell asleep in their beds.
Then heard what each fairy dreads.
Lark’s tiny voice, “Do it again!”

Friday, November 28, 2014

PAD Challenge news


What’s wrong?
Haven’t you heard the news?
Santa’s not coming due to budget cuts.
“We’ll help.”
All the fairies joined forces
and children got their goodies for Christmas.
Were they happy?
The ones who were happy
thinking Santa wasn’t coming
were the same ones who were
happy after he did.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

PAD Challenge appreciative poem

Thank You, Lord

For all good things that come from You, Thank You, Lord.
For material things I can afford-
A well-stocked fridge, a heated home,
A new laptop, cars to roam,
An ereader, so I won’t be bored.

For places I’ve seen and the unexplored-
Mountains and mesas, ocean and fjord,
Deserts and valleys, with fertile loam.
Thank You, Lord.

For friends and family whom I’ve adored,
For times we live in one accord,
For love and laughter, joy and hope,
For grace and mercy by which we cope,
For promises of heaven and reward.

Thank You, Lord.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

PAD Challenge Same

So Doodles Did

“I’m bored,” said Doodles the fairy,
“There’s nothing to do.”

“I’ll give you something to do,” said Mama.
And Doodles knew Mama was thinking of chores.

And that was worse than being bored.
He had to think of something fast.

“I’ll go see Winkles,” said Doodles.
So Doodles did.

But Winkles wasn’t home.  Winkle’s Mom asked,
“Will you take this cup of saffron to Milly’s mom?”

So Doodles did. Milly’s mom asked,
“Will you help me move this chair?”

So Doodles did. Mrs. Robin called down,
“Will you birdysit for a few minutes?”

So Doodles did. Doodles said,
“I may as well go home and do chores.”

So Doodles did.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

PAD Challenge love

When Fairies Leave Their Homes

When fairies leave their little homes,
they don’t just walk out the door,
or give a little wave, a nod of the head,
a flutter of their wings or just say byebye.

They care about their Mom and Dad Fairies
and want to make absolutely, positively sure
that while they are out playing or learning
they leave only fine fuzzy fairy feelings.

So when fairies leave their homes,
they give their moms and dads
kisses and hugs and snuggles and smiles.
And their parents hug and kiss them back.

So when they go out to school or play,
warm feelings fill their tiny tummies
until it’s time to go back home again.
And it makes Mom and Dad feel good, too.

Monday, November 24, 2014

PAD Challenge I'll be

I’ll Be Seven Tomorrow

“I’ll be seven tomorrow,” said Nilly.
“Doodles, Noodles, Snickerdoodles,
Twinkle, Sprinkle and Winkle
and my sisters and brothers will party.”

“I’ll be seven tomorrow,” said Nilly.
“We’ll dance when the moon rises
with the nymphs and the sprites,
the pixies and the fireflies.”

“I’ll be seven tomorrow,” said Nilly.
“We’ll sing with the nightingales and owls.
We’ll play lots of party games,
like pin the tail on the dragon and go fish.”

“I’ll be seven tomorrow,” said Nilly.
“We’ll eat honey cakes and pixie pears.
We’ll slide down the leaves of the Pandan
and swing on the honeysuckle vine.”

“I’ll be seven tomorrow,” said Nilly.
“And I’ll get many gifts: silky slippers,
clothing of Foxgloves and lilies,
and maybe a new wand with pixie dust.”

“I’ll be seven tomorrow,” said Nilly,
and I’ll sleep all day long in my cozy fern bed.”

Sunday, November 23, 2014

PAD Challenge Alone

The Old Fairy

There was an old fairy who lived in the woods.
The fairy kids visited often for fun.
This fairy was older than trees, lakes or rocks.
 On Fridays, they’d meet and to her they would run.

Her lips were straight lines and her hair had turned white.
Her skin was all wrinkled, her eyes misty gray.
Her back bowed and bent, her long fingers curved ‘round.
Her voice shook and warbled as she’d smile and say,

“Come in my dear fairies. It’s nice that you came.
I’ll tell you what happened here so long ago.”
The fairies leaned forward to hear her great tales.
To all of their questions the answers she’d know.

She told of the king and the queen of the land,
The dragons who rumbled and hid in the hills,
The trolls and the pixies, the dryads and nymphs,
The unicorns, centaurs, the dwarves and the elves.

She told of adventures and scary, brave quests,
And fights with the evil dark villains of night.
She told of the laughter, the romance and songs,
Of how in the end everything turned out right.

The fairies would giggle and gasp at her tales,
Until they soon had to go back to their home.
Old Fairy would sigh and say, “Dears, come back soon.
I’d rather tell stories than be all alone.”

Saturday, November 22, 2014

PAD Challenge Release

Fireflies Fly Freely

Ten fairies liked to fly with lightning bugs.
They found ten lightning bugs inside a jar.
They tried with all their might to set them free.
Without some help they could not get so far.

Ten fairies liked to fly with lightning bugs.
They lit their path at night so they could see.
Bugs told some funny jokes and made them laugh.
They twinkled and they danced most merrily.

They found ten lightning bugs inside a jar.
The lightning bugs were sad that they were caught.
“Please help us out,” they called out to their friends.
“With all our light, it’s getting rather hot.”

They tried with all their might to set them free.
The lid was on the jar so very tight.
They pounded on the sides till they were tired.
To leave them there, just didn’t seem quite right.

Without some help they could not get so far.
They whispered in the small big person’s ear.
He loosened up the lid and set them free.
The fairies and the bugs began to cheer.

Friday, November 21, 2014

PAD Challenge Directions

North, South, East and West

Milly the fairy followed a cat,
Then flew up high after a bat.
She didn’t know which way to go.
And then a cold wind began to blow.

Milly sat down and started to cry.
For she didn’t know which way to fly.
“I’m lost,” said Milly. “I’m all turned around.”
Then a gopher popped up from the ground.

“The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
From that, you will know the rest.
East sounds like eat. To know the lay of the land,
you face north when you eat with your right hand.”

“Fly south, straight to your home.
Now you know which way to roam.”
So Milly learned north, south, east and west.
“Thank you, Gopher, you’re the best.”

Thursday, November 20, 2014

PAD Challenge I'll Never

I Will Never Speak to You Again

Oh, I never will speak to you again.
I no longer consider you a friend.
You called my pet bug ugly,
And my teddy bear unsnuggly.
And you stole from me my favorite pen.

Oh, I never will speak to you again.
I no longer consider you a friend.
You won’t share your new toys with me.
And you always try to pinch me.
And your “that’s mining” never seems to end.

Oh, I never will speak to you again.
I no longer consider you a friend.
You’re so rough and tumble.
You caused my car to crumble.
And now the tires won’t unbend.

But now I am alone again.
I sure miss having you as friend.
So please, will you come over?
We’ll make a ring of clover.
For now our friendship we must mend.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

PAD Challenge Excuses

Spark’s Bedtime Excuses

My friend can stay up longer than me.
I need my Teddy bear. I have to pee.
It’s too noisy. Too light. Too hot.
I have to feed Billy the bug. I forgot.

Tell my Teddy to stop staring at me.
I need something to drink and something to eat.
My tummy hurts and so does my head.
There’s a monster under my bed.

Please tell me a story and sing me a song.
I’m ready to tell you what I did all day long.
I need to say my bedtime prayer.
I think I have gum in my hair.

On my windows, I hear tap, tap, tap.
Mama, let me sit upon your lap.
I’m not tired. Why do you get to stay up?
I ran out of water in my cup.

My wings want to flutter. My feet want to run.
I need to finish my game, I wasn’t done.
Too many thoughts run in my head.
I can’t sleep with crumbs in my bed.

Mama moved her chair near the door,
but didn’t listen to Spark any more.
His plan to stay up didn’t keep.

Finally, he fell fast asleep. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

PAD challenge sweet

Honey Cakes

Fairies like honey cakes
And tea with sugar and cream
So make them like the fairy makes
Fairies like honey cakes
Hurry, now, for goodness sakes!
For this is what fairies dream
Fairies like honey cakes
And tea with sugar and cream

Monday, November 17, 2014

PAD Challenge Afflicted

The Tooth Fairy

“Oooooooooooh,” groaned Sprinkle. “My tooth hurts!”

“Let me see,” said Mama fairy.

“No, it hurts too much!”

“You’re going to have to go to the dentist.”

“Will it hurt? I don’t want to go.”

“It might hurt a little at first,
but then the pain will go away.”

Mama and Sprinkle fluttered over to the dentist.
They had to wait in a room with lots of chairs.
Sprinkle and Mama looked at magazines.

Soon a lady fairy called, “Sprinkle!”

Mama and Sprinkle left the magazines
on the low table.
The lady led them to a small room.
Sprinkle and Mama waited some more.
Sprinkle wished she would have brought
in the magazine from the big room.

Then another lady fairy came in.
“Hop up in this chair,” said the lady.

Sprinkle sat in the big chair.
She was careful not to wrinkle her wings.

The lady said, “You’ve brushed your teeth
and flossed, I see.
So this won’t take so long.”

The lady used a tool to scrape Sprinkle’s teeth clean.
She used another tool to suck up the spit.
It made a funny gurgling noise.
Sprinkle wiggled and squirmed.

“Hold still,” Mama said.

Finally the lady was done.
“Now, the dentist will see you.”
The dentist came in
and told Sprinkle to say ahhh.

“Ahhh,” said Sprinkle.

“I see the problem,” he said.
He took out a needle.
“It will pinch a little,
but it will keep you from hurting a lot.”

Sprinkle was brave and opened her mouth wide.
It pinched. “Owww!” Sprinkle said.
Then the dentist used another tool
and pulled out the tiny tooth.
She didn’t feel that at all.

He wrapped the tooth in gauze
and gave it to Sprinkle.
“Put this under your pillow
and the tooth fairy
will give you a nice surprise.”

“Really?” Sprinkle said.

“Yes, really.”

“I will give you something, too,” said the dentist.
He brought out a box of toys and said, “Pick one.”

Sprinkle chose a brightly colored yoyo.
She and Mama told the dentist goodbye.

That night Sprinkle put her tooth
under her pillow made of moss.
Later that night she heard a noise.
She peeked out from under her fern blanket.

The tooth fairy flew in her window
wearing a sparkly blue gown
and a golden crown.

When she came toward Sprinkle,
Sprinkle gasped in surprise.
“Mama! You’re the tooth fairy?”

“Shhh! Don’t tell anyone,”
Mama said with a wink.

Sprinkle smiled
and went back to sleep.
In the morning she found
a shiny, silver bracelet under her pillow.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

PAD Challenge explanatory

Fairy ABC’s

A is for acorn caps fairies wear upon their heads
To match their little dresses in purples, greens and reds
B is for butterflies with fairies in the sky
They look a lot like flowers soaring high
C is for colors yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and green
                Fairies like bright colors that can be clearly seen
D is for dragonfly on which fairies like to ride
                Zipping along here to there and side to side
E is for evening when fairies come out to dance               
               Appearing as mere shadows at first glance
F is for ferns fairies like to use for beds
                Along with mossy pillows to lay their little heads
G is for glimmer fairies who live in the sea or turn gardens bright
                They may play the piccolo or send out rainbow light
H is for honeycake fairies like to eat
                Like you and me they like to taste foods that are sweet
I is for invisible when fairies don’t want to be seen
                They like to live in a person’s house if they keep it clean
J is for jonquil that make good fairy skirts
                And boy fairies use red roses to make pretty shirts
K is for King of Everything who makes all things good
                The hills the lakes, the sky, the streams, the wood
L is for lightning bug to light the fairies’ paths
                As they scamper to the streams to take their bedtime baths
M is for magic, when fairies need a disguise
                They may take on shapes as leaves or appear as dragonflies
N is for natural foods fairies eat for their health
                Saffron, pears and mallow fruit add to fairies’ wealth
O is for outdoors where fairies like to play
                They like to sing and dance about, that is the fairy’s way
P is for pixie dust to make things fly
                Happy thoughts will send them way up high
Q is for queen who rules the fairy land
                She’s kind, beautiful and grand
R is for rosemary one of their favorite flowers
                Delicate with fragrant fairy powers
S is for saffron fairies use as a spice
                It makes all the foods they like taste extra nice
T is for tulips for where fairies’ babies sleep
                They cuddle in the silky folds and do not make a peep
U is for underground where some fairies make their home
                In the evenings they go out to fly about and roam
V is for violins fairies play when they dance beneath the moon
                They skip and hop and leap about to a lively tune
W is for wands fairies use to make their magic flow
               To use their wands to do good deeds is what all fairies know       
X is for xylophone, an instrument fairies like to play
                They hang it around their little necks and plink soft songs all day
Y is for yard fairies like full of bright and cheery flowers
                They like to sit within their shade and wile away the hours
Z  is for zipping fast when hiding comes to mind
                That you see is why fairy folk are very hard to find

Saturday, November 15, 2014

PAD Challenge Holy

Holy Manger

The fairy children gathered around a manger scene.
“Why is that Baby Big Person in a trough?” Twinkles asked.
“That’s a funny place to sleep,” Tilly said.
“That’s sort of a statue of the Son of the King of Everything,”
Mama Fairy told them.
“What!” The fairy children gasped
“Didn’t He live in a palace?” Doodles asked.
“Why did he have to sleep in a food trough?” Winkle wondered.
“They didn’t have room for him at the Inn,” Mama said.
“So while they traveled, He slept in a barn.”
They stared at Mama Fairy with open mouths.
“The King of Everything wanted to make sure
Big People didn’t get mixed up.
They tend to think greatness
has to do with skills, riches or power.
But Baby Jesus is great because of who He is.
He is a gift to anyone
who makes room for him in his or her life—
the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich.”
“We’ll make room for Him,” Milly said.
All of the fairy children nodded in agreement.

PAD follow


You may think you see fireflies,
but really they’re tiny lanterns,
lighting the way for fairies.

Follow the flickering lights
and you may catch a glimpse
of a fairy caught unaware.

Friday, November 14, 2014

PAD Challenge optional

Shoe Shopping

Twinkle Fairy went to buy shoes.
So many pairs from which to choose.
Hiking boots, sneakers, flying shoes, flip-flops,
shiny shoes, saddle-shoes, rainboots, high tops,
high heels, penny loafers in pinks and blues,
tap shoes, tennis shoes, ballet shoes,
with emeralds, rubies, diamonds, bows,
slippers and ballet shoes with pointy toes,
leaf shoes, silky shoes, new and used.
Twinkle was beginning to feel confused.
She didn’t want to buy shoes anymore.
She turned around and flew out the door.

PAD unseen

Clowning Around

Milly, Tilly and Lily flew through the park one day,
and came upon a baby Big Person lying in the grass.
Mama Big Person was sitting on a bench with a friend.
Milly, Tilly and Lily tiptoed over to the Big Person baby.
They danced and made faces and jingle-jangle noises.
They winked and jumped and hopped around like bunnies.
The baby laughed and laughed until her cheeks turned pink.
“What’s making Amy laugh?”asked Mama Big Person.
“I don’t know maybe it’s the fairies,” the Big Person friend said.
Milly, Tilly and Lily looked at each other in surprise.
“Can she see us?” Milly asked.
“I don’t know,” Tilly said.
“Let’s not wait around and find out,” Lily whispered.
They waved at the baby as the flitted away like butterflies.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PAD Challenge Timeless, CB shadow sonnet

Dancing Fairies

Dancing fairies in the moonlight, dancing
Whirling with the wind, ‘round and ‘round, whirling
Twirling, tap-tapping, tippy-toed, twirling
Shadows, dancing, whirling, twirling, shadows

Dancing fairies in the moonlight, dancing
Singing timeless silvery songs, singing
Laughing, musical, tinkling-tune, laughing
Whispers, dancing, singing, laughing, whispers

Dancing fairies in the moonlight, dancing
Wishing on starlight, whispering, wishing
Swishing their long, wavy hair, swish-swishing
Slippers, dancing, wishing, swishing slippers

Dancing fairies in the moonlight, dancing
Singing timeless, silvery songs, singing

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

PAD challenge Trouble

The Trouble with Lady Bugs

Lily had a pet ladybug named Pearl.
Wherever Lily went Pearl went, too.

When Lily flew through the forest,
Pearl flew by her side.

Whenever Lily played hide and seek,
Pearl hid with her.

Whenever Lily went to sleep under a fern,
Pearl cuddled on her pillow.

But one day, Pearl lay on her back very still,
with her little six feet up in the air.

Lily shook Pearl, but Pearl didn’t move.
“What’s wrong with Pearl?” Lily asked.

“The trouble with ladybugs,” said Mama,
“is that they don’t live as long as fairies.”

“Pearl has died,” Mama told her.
“I don’t think she’s dead,” Lily said.

“Wake up, Pearl Wake up!” Lily shouted.
But Pearl didn’t wake up.

“It’s hard to believe it when someone dies,” Mama said.
“Everyone who loses someone has that feeling.”

“I didn’t want Pearl to die!”
Lily yelled and stomped her feet.

“Pearl died because that’s what they do, after awhile.
It’s okay to be mad about bad situations,” said Mama.

Suddenly, an awful thought popped into Lily’s head.
“It’s my fault! I didn’t give her enough water!”

“Don’t blame yourself,” said Mama.
“Pear was getting old. It’s not your fault.”

“We can get you another ladybug,” Mama said.
There are lots of ladybugs in the forest.”

“I don’t want another ladybug,” Lily said. 
She began to cry. “I want Pearl!”

“It’s good to cry, sometimes,” said Mama.
“That’s part of losing someone you love, too.”

They buried Pearl in the backyard.
Lily’s whole family said kind words about Pearl.

Lily cried for several days. She remembered
all the things she and Pearl did together.

One day, a teeny, tiny ladybug crawled across a leaf.
It wandered this way and that. It looked sad.

“Do you want to be my pet?” Lily asked.
“I’ll take care of you and be your friend.”

“I would like that very much,” said the ladybug.
“What’s your name?” Lily asked.

“I don’t have a name,” said the ladybug.
The ladybug was red with black spots.

“I will call you Rose,” Lily said.
“That’s a nice name,” said Rose.

Lily would always miss Pearl.
But she loved Rose very much.

PAD challenge from the news

“Large Flightless Bird Closes Indiana Highway.”
(I changed it from a rhea to an ostrich since an ostrich is more familiar.”

Ollie’s New Home

One day, Winkle, Doodles and Noodles
flew along a country road in a wooded valley
 where they met their Ostrich friend, Ollie.

“Why are you out of your meadow?” asked Winkle.
“It’s dangerous on the road with cars,” said Doodles.
“Are you lost?” asked Noodles. “This is not your farm.”

“I moved to a new farm,” said Ollie.
“I had to leave my all my friends.
I’m running away, back to my old home.”

Just then sirens wailed. Police cars came.
The fairies hitched a ride on Ollie’s broad back.
Ollie ran very fast but a car blocked his way.

He turned and ran, but another car zoomed up.
Other cars with more Big People in them stopped, too.
 “Get him!” the police officers shouted.

“There’s Farmer John my new owner,” said Ollie.
“I must get away!” He ran like the wind.
Police officers and farmers ran after him.

Ollie ran this way and that.
The farmers ran this way.
The police ran that way.

“I’m scared!” said Ollie.
“Me too!” said Winkle, Noodles and Doodles
who were hanging on to Ollie’s  feathers for dear life!

“There’s Farmer Bill my old owner!” Ollie cried.
A kind-faced farmer approached and said,
“Careful there, Ollie, it’s okay.”

But Ollie ran and the fairies hung on!
The farmer was tall and strong,
He tackled Ollie, like a football player.

“Ooomph,” said Ollie, laying on the ground.
The fairies tumbled underneath some bushes.
Ollie’s old owner put him in his own truck.

The fairies flew in beside Ollie.
 “Now, I’ll go home!” Ollie said.
“Great!” said Winkle.

But the farmer didn’t take Ollie to his old home.
He took him to his new home.
where a family of Big People waited.

Ollie was sad. “I’ll never get home.”
Winkles looked around at the beautiful meadow.
“Your new home might not be so bad, Ollie.”

“We had to move one time,” Doodles said.
Noodles said, “We left all of our friends.
“We left our pine tree and moved into a willow.”

“At first we were sad,” said Doodles.
“But there were a lot of good things about the new place.
And we made good friends, too, like Winkle.”

Other Ostriches from the farm came up to Ollie.
“Why did you jump the fence?” asked one.
“Don’t you know the road is dangerous?”

“I miss my old home and friends,” said Ollie.
“We’ll be your friends,” said one of the Ostriches.
“We have a nice meadow to run in and lots to eat.”

Just then children came to the fence.
“We’re glad you came back,” said the little girl.
“We missed you,” said the little boy.

Ollie smiled up at his three fairy friends.
“Thank you for helping me,” said Ollie.
“I think I’ll learn to like it here.”

Sunday, November 9, 2014

PAD day 8 Blind

Just Like Us

“Guess who’s coming to see you today!”
Mama Fairy said excitedly.
 “Who?” Twinkle, Winkle and Sprinkle shouted.
“Your cousin Gwinny.”

“Isn’t she blind?” asked Twinkle.
“That’s so sad,” Sprinkle said, with a tear in her eye.
“How can she build towers, play tag or leap bug
 if she can’t see?” asked Winkle, frowning.

Mama said, “She can do all kinds of things.
She loves to play and have fun.
She likes to laugh and dance and sing.
She’s like you, she just can’t see.”

Just then there was a knock on the door.                                                                                           
Mama opened it and said, “Hi Gwinny!
Come in and meet your cousins,
Sprinkle, Winkle and Twinkle.”

Gwinny had a lovely smile. “Hi!” she said.
Mama said, “Take her in and show her your toys.”
Winkle frowned and Twinkle stared.
“I’ll help,” Sprinkle said, grabbing Gwinny’s arm.

Gwinny said, “Just talk and I’ll follow.”
She held up her sparkly cane.
“I get around pretty well with this.”
Twinkle shouted in Gwinny’s ear, “This way!”

“I can hear well,” Gwinny said. “I just can’t see.”
They played with blocks and stacked them high.
“Look how my tower is, Gwinny,” said Winkle, “I mean…”
Gwinny smiled and held out her hand.

Winkle placed her hand as high as his tower.
“I see,” she said and laughed. “It’s very high.”
With an impish grin she knocked it all down!
“Don’t worry I can help you build it again.” And she did.

It was a sunny day so they went out to play.
Gwinny followed them with the tap, tap tap of her cane.
“Won’t you get hurt outside?” asked Twinkle.
“I love to play outdoors,” said Gwinny.

“I can smell the flowers. And hear the birds.
I can feel the soft moss under my feet.
I can run and jump.”
And she did.

“Can you even fly?” Winkle asked.
“Yes, I can fly.”
She waved her cane above and before her,
and flew very well.

When she came down to land,
Sprinkle asked, “Aren’t you sad that you’re blind?”
“I’m always blind, but I don’t have to be always sad.
I enjoy all kinds of things. I don’t need to see.”

“I want to help you,” said Sprinkle.
“I like to help people, too,” said Gwinny.
“Let’s find someone who needs our help.”
“Mrs. Robin always needs help,” said Twinkle.

So the cousins helped Mrs. Robin birdy sit.
They laughed and danced and sang.
They had lots of fun.
Soon it was time for Gwinny to go home.

They all said, “Bye! Come again!”
After Gwinny left, Mama asked,
“Did you have fun today with cousin Gwinny?”
“Yes!” said Twinkle, Winkle and Sprinkle.

“At first I was sad for Gwinny,” Sprinkle said, “but now I’m glad.”
“I was mad,” said Winkle. “I didn’t think she’d be any fun, but she was.”
“I was afraid Gwinny would get hurt, “said Twinkle, “but she didn’t.”
“She’s just like us!” said the three fairy children. “She just can’t see.”