Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PA Prompt Preparations


I think my brain is broken.
In my preparing
I don’t prepare.
I work on my priorities
from the bottom up,
putting off what’s important
till it’s screaming through my veins
rattling around between my ears
demanding to get out—
when the weight of missing it
is almost too much to bear.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


North Dakota

Driving down long stretches touching the sky
Fields of canola greet you from the side
Beaming yellow smiles as you pass them by
No more cars in sight, looking far and wide
Plain, but North Dakota does have its Pride
Helping businesses market their fine wares
Soaps, candles, berry jams, cards, barn wood chairs
A land of Sioux and Teddy Roosevelt
Unique rock formations and teddy bears
Its strong, enduring spirit clearly felt

Monday, February 27, 2012

Together, snowflakes provide life-giving water
or killer avalanches.
It’s all in the company they keep.  

Poetic Bloomings Vacation

Orlando Vacation 

My daughter and I did Orlando
after her college graduation.
Sea World, The Epcot Center,
Universal Studios, The Blue Man Group,
an Arabian Knight show.

The weather wasn’t warm
or cold, it was as if Florida
thought that the other states
would be jealous if it got too hot
so it made its guests
keep their sweaters on.  

Decorated Christmas trees
stood by Micky Mouse shaped hedges.
 Christmas carols played on loud speakers
giving it an other-worldly feeling. 

By the time we headed east
toward the Kennedy Space Center,
we were exhausted and ready to go home.
We would have skipped it
if we hadn’t already purchased
the tickets. So glad we went.

 The IMAX Hubbell Space program
was the highlight of the trip for me.
Truly looking at other worlds.
Feeling very small.
Overwhelmed, with the thought
that despite human puniness
God still loves us.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Poetic Bloomings Vacation Poem

It Would Have Been a Vacation

It would have been a vacation.
Packed bags, airplane flight, eating out,
staying at a hotel, shopping,
and getting away from it all.

Seeing old friends, meeting new ones.
It would have been a vacation.
Family sharing memories,
looking over old photographs.

Lots of hugs, eating, listening.
Together, working toward a goal.
It would have been a vacation,
but there was one person missing.

We helped bear the weight of her grief,
which cruelly threatened to crush her.
If the warehouse hadn’t fallen,
it would have been a vacation.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Casting Cares

Lord, I’m casting my cares on You,
for Your Word says You care for me.
So I give You my fears, worries
and overwhelming to-do lists. 

You are mighty and powerful.
Lord, I’m casting my cares on You.
All things are possible with You,
and You know what is best for me. 

Like boulders, fear can obstruct paths.
And worries can weigh even more.
Lord, I’m casting my cares on You.
I’m tired of getting blocked or crushed.

To-do lists—thousand-piece puzzles:
Hard to sort out, all look the same.
Can’t find edges, muddled middle.
Lord, I’m casting my cares on You.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Poetic Bloomings Trolaan

Having a Ball 

May as well take a risk, she said with a sigh.
Might be our last chance to do this after all.
Must, sooner or later, all up and die.
May as well go while having a ball.

After she said this, we leaped from the plane.
Air rushed by us, as we fell toward the ground.
And I wondered, by this time, if we were insane.
As I said my prayers on the way down.

Falling so fast, it was now time.
Fingers quickly found the life saving chord.
For a moment I thought things were just fine.
Fine, I knew now, wasn’t the word.

Amazing to think what my last thoughts were,
As I bolted past her as she floated along.
A risk? Having a ball? Maybe for her.
Ah, but for me something went wrong.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Poetic Asides Prompt Risk


Going to the point of emptiness
Giving all
No safety net
Danger at every turn
One false move—ruin!
Venturing forth
Eyes on the prize
Taking the leap
A leap of faith?
Or stupidity?
Time will tell

Tuesday, February 21, 2012



Friends come and go like spring flowers.
Something once bright and delightful,
fading into a memory.
Surprisingly temporary.

Despite best efforts to nurture,
friends come and go like spring flowers.
They require time and energy,
as flowers need rain, soil and sun.

Some--roses, lovely yet thorny.
Some—tulips, short in duration.
Friends come and go like spring flowers.
Few are stubborn perennials.

They add color, beauty, fragrance.
Sadly color and beauty fades.
Fragrance lingers but a moment.
Friends come and go like spring flowers.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Boisterous rock song pounds on my brain
Outside, brilliant blues and whites beckon
Regardless, I squeeze truth out my fingertips

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Poetic Bloomings photo prompt

Then and Now 
Running barefoot through the grass
Splashing in cold creek water
Whirling on a tire swing in the shade
Scrambling up and sliding down hills
Climbing trees
That used to be a recipe for fun.
 Now we have our children
play in the hot sun and gravel
and let them slow bake.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

#4 PA Prompt What Blank Think

What Chocolate Thinks 

I’ll show her
for locking me
in this dark cupboard.
She doesn’t know
of my super powers.
I know she’s sitting there
watching TV.
I can beam a picture
of my scrumptious self
into her mind,
clearer than the show
she’s watching.
She sees my creamy brown skin.
She can almost taste
my sweet kiss.
And now I start calling.
“I’m here!
“Come get me!
“Next commercial!”
She heard me.
She’s coming.
She opens the door.
I see the light.
I’m free at last!
She’s going to eat me?
I’m melting!

Friday, February 17, 2012

#3 PA What Blank Think

What My Neighbors Think

I see him quite often
And the two they care for.
Their son comes and goes.
But I haven’t seen her for a long time.
Wasn’t he carrying a shovel the other day?
Better check the back yard. 

(In other words, I need to get out more.)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

#2 PA What Blank Think

What a Snowflake Thinks 

I am so very small.
No one notices me at all.
My time on earth isn't long.
So very brief—the snowflake song.
If only my life would matter more…
And then the snowflake hears a roar.
An avalanche or a waterfall!
Things add up, even when you’re small.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Poetic Asides What blank think, cascade poem

What I Think 

The sky is bluer than it ought to be.
Though February, the sun shines brightly.
The air is fresh and spring-like, but no wind.
I walk, clearing my mind as autos pass.

The call has gone out early this new year,
the yearning to go beyond the mundane—
my life I somehow unwittingly made.
The sky is bluer than it ought to be.

I deal with my stuff and the world still spins.
Each day the sun rises and life goes on.
I feel dull, alone, insignificant.
Though February, the sun shines brightly.  

I’m grateful I don’t have major problems.
I drift along on an untroubled sea,
no turbulent stressors rocking my boat.
The air is fresh and spring-like, but no wind. 

I must learn to have patience with doldrums,
keeping steady, knowing wind will pick up,
when I’ll sail along adventurously.
I walk, clearing my mind as autos pass.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14 Poetic Asides Quatern

She Stood Alone 

She stood alone and faced the crowd.
The dam of tears about to break.
Smiling sadly and shaking hands
of friends from all stages of life.

She highlighted his finer points.
She stood alone and faced the crowd.
To her—the words just a caption
of a complicated novel.

Flashes of feelings, memories,
good and bad times passed through her mind.
She stood alone and faced the crowd.
She wondered how she would go on.

She felt guilty knowing she could.
Grief wrestled with thoughts of freedom,
of hope and joyful days ahead.
She stood alone and faced the crowd.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Daily poem

Monday Moanings

Lord, nothing moves me right now.
I’m tired of doing the same old things,
even if they are usually enjoyable activities.

I hear the clock ticking down the hallway
as I write this poem.
And all that I can think right now
is that noting moves me.

Even what’s truly exciting
doesn’t stir anything in me.
Because I know I’m going to do
the same old things today.

But I know You are with me.
I know that You love me.

So I invite you in
to put music
and color
in my soul.

May Your Holy Spirit move me.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Poetic Bloomings Children's moral poem

Starting Small 

Two children pled with Mom and Dad
Please, can we have some mice?
“They’re so small, no trouble at all
And such a bargain price." 

At last, their parents said okay.
They told the clerk, “Be sure
They’re brothers OR sisters because
We don’t want any more.”

The kids took their tiny friends home,
Cared for them with a smile.
But Mom knew the pet man was wrong,
After a little while.

One mouse’s tummy got bigger.
And then early one morn,
The kids peeked in the cage, surprised,
Seeing ten mice were born. 

Taking care of a dozen mice
Didn’t seem quite as fun.
To make things worse, the mice got out.
They had to catch each one.

It didn’t seem like much time passed
Till the mice family grew.
Now there were aunts, uncles, cousins
And some grand children, too.

The two children couldn’t keep up
With the chores to be done.
Taking care of so many mice
Had set them on the run.

After mouse fifty-two, Mom said,
“We’ve got a mess, I fear.
They’re dirty, stinky and smelly.
Get these mice out of here!”

So they boxed up the little mice
sadly, by the dozens:
Sons, daughters, brothers and sisters
Aunts, uncles and cousins.

Temptation may look thrilling but
you may need to confess,
though it seems like harmless fun, it
May end up a big mess!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Bluish snow scene
Red barn, bold arrow
Against snow, pure and clean
Snowed-in drive, curved and narrow
Country’s lovely marrow
Pine trees, quilt like frills
Cover lovely hills

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feb 9 Catch up with a rambling poem

Not a Poem Poem

This is a rambling poem
As I sit inside my home
Trying to think of a rhyme
It happens all the time
So I just sit here and think
And maybe sip on a drink
Until the poem is done
And now it’s time for fun

Feb 8 Wednesday Poetic Asides Dead End

Dead End

The light at tunnel’s end is a train
You use the last of your skein
You abruptly hit a brick wall
Your efforts lead to nothing at all

Your road ends in a cul-de-sac
You have no option but to pack
You conclude there is no hope
You reach the end of your rope 

You sit at the back of your class
You come to a stagnant impasse
You’re at the bottom of your cup
Your only choice--Look up!

Feb 7 Tuesday

Majestic Mountains
Vast mysterious oceans
Dense shady forests
Colorful rocky deserts
Declaring Your character

Feb 6 Monday

Come Into My Trap 

Lord, somehow I’ve trapped myself
into doing what I don’t want to do.
Each day is filled with must-do tasks
inside the house alone, stifled,
when all I want to do is go out
and have some fun in fresh air.  

And when I have time for prayer
I crowd it out with useless things
like watching TV or rechecking email.
Why am I avoiding You?
Is it because I’m afraid
you’ll tell me everything I’m doing
is wrong and I’m wasting my life?  

God, I look to You
and place all my to-dos in Your hands.
You are my hope and strength.
You are all that really matters.
Yet, because You are so important,
You make small things valuable. 

So I give to You the small things.
And I ask that you dwell in them.
When I make breakfast.
When I write a poem.
When I clean the toilet.
When I go shopping.
When I take a walk.
When I make plans.
When I help someone.
When I breathe in and out.
I ask that You dwell in it. 

May Your perfect will be done.
And Your name be honored
in all I think say and do.
And whatever I do, may I love
whoever you put in my path
in whatever way possible.
I love You,  Holly Trinity.

Feb 5 Sunday Poetic Bloomings Old

Old Book 

Pages, smudged and yellow
Binding, loose
Copyright 1927, price two dollars
Electric Refrigerator Recipes and Menus
Specially Prepared for General Electric Refrigerator. 

Author Miss Alice Brady extols
the advantages of the electric refrigerator,
with so many possibilities she compares
it to a magic Aladdin’s lamp, and
not knowing which way to rub it. 

She assures readers “the refrigerator
requires no attention, not even oiling,
and is surprisingly easy to keep clean”
and “offers health and happiness
to homemakers across America.”   

I can picture my Great Aunt Ruth
bustling about the big box
now taking up a corner of her kitchen,
wondering what they will think of next.
We really do take things for granted, don't we?

Feb 3


Galloping through the fields
Mane flowing
Nostrils flaring
Hooves thundering,
So my soul
is powerful
and free in You.

Feb 2

Not Amused

I write a poem
for the sake of writing poem.
I have no insights
No wisdom
Or longings
Or Pain
Or questions,
I’m just a poet
and poets write poems.

Feb 1 PA prompt Habits


H ow do you form good habits?
A nd why do you make bad ones? Were
B ad ones once good ones gone awry?
I s it possible to maintain balance?
T o keep all things in check? I’ll try.
S o hard to not let good ones slide.