Sunday, February 12, 2012

Poetic Bloomings Children's moral poem

Starting Small 

Two children pled with Mom and Dad
Please, can we have some mice?
“They’re so small, no trouble at all
And such a bargain price." 

At last, their parents said okay.
They told the clerk, “Be sure
They’re brothers OR sisters because
We don’t want any more.”

The kids took their tiny friends home,
Cared for them with a smile.
But Mom knew the pet man was wrong,
After a little while.

One mouse’s tummy got bigger.
And then early one morn,
The kids peeked in the cage, surprised,
Seeing ten mice were born. 

Taking care of a dozen mice
Didn’t seem quite as fun.
To make things worse, the mice got out.
They had to catch each one.

It didn’t seem like much time passed
Till the mice family grew.
Now there were aunts, uncles, cousins
And some grand children, too.

The two children couldn’t keep up
With the chores to be done.
Taking care of so many mice
Had set them on the run.

After mouse fifty-two, Mom said,
“We’ve got a mess, I fear.
They’re dirty, stinky and smelly.
Get these mice out of here!”

So they boxed up the little mice
sadly, by the dozens:
Sons, daughters, brothers and sisters
Aunts, uncles and cousins.

Temptation may look thrilling but
you may need to confess,
though it seems like harmless fun, it
May end up a big mess!

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