Sunday, November 27, 2011

Prompt 27 Tribute Poem


Old Theodore did so much more
than what most people know him for.
He and his sister knew happy times
when his mother would chant some rhymes.

In college, he edited the Jack O Lantern
but when he threw a party, he got burned.
He contributed to the magazine just the same
by secretly using his middle name.

To be a professor, Dad sent him to Oxford,
toured Europe instead because he was bored.
But at Oxford he met his first wife, Helen.
She liked to edit and write for children.

He cartooned for Saturday Evening Post,
but he wrote Standard Oil ads the most.
He contributed cartoons to World War II
and learned animation with Private Snafu.

He wrote books filled with illustrations and rhymes.
His first big one was rejected twenty-seven times.
His big break didn’t come until he was fifty-three,
when the words he used were as simple as can be.

He didn’t die until he was eighty-seven,
then at last he went to heaven.
He wrote about a cat who was wild and loose.
So here’s to the beloved Dr. Seuss!

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