Tuesday, April 9, 2013

PAD 9 Hunter/Hunted

The Hunter 

A hunter thinks and breathes hunting.
His house is decorated with
antlers, photographs, taxidermy
reminding him of his successes.

He talks shop with other hunters—
favorite places, techniques, game.
He endures ridicule from nonhunters
who don’t understand.

He invests in rifles, ammunition,
licenses, clothing, camping gear.
He takes time off for his expeditions.
He rises before the sun. 

He tramps the woods in all weather.
He may not be able to see his prey,
but he knows the signs.
He sits in silence and waits.

 Or he joins fellow hunters
 to flush out their quarry.
He rejoices in the game he gets,
and shares his prize with others.  

Lord, may I be more like the hunter
in dedication, discipline, patience
passion, sacrifice, celebration
when seeking You.  

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