Thursday, April 18, 2013

PAD 18 I am...

I am on Empty  

I am on empty
With no gas station in sight
I wish that was one
Just off to the right
But no, it’s a carwash
So I’ll stop there right now
And I’ll contemplate
While I rub with this towel  

I am without cell phone
It's leant to a friend
I like to be someone
On one can depend
But now I’m high and dry
Just like my car
Now I’m wishing
I had OnStar

 I am walking
It’s good for my health
And that is much better
Than magnificent wealth
I spy a pay phone
But oh my gosh
I spent all my quarters
At the carwash

I am enjoying the scenery
As I trudge a long
But when I return
My car is now gone
I flag down a policeman
He found my car
Since it was on empty
It didn’t get far

I am supposed to get married
At quarter till four
But now that it’s seven
My chances are poor
Now that I made it
My bride is in tears
I hope she’ll forgive me
But it may take years

I am now married
And will be awhile
Since for better or worse
She said with a smile
Whoever stole my car
Must have been mean
But now for my honeymoon
At last it is clean

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