Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PAD 24 auto, Poetic Bloomings form Constanza


The auto that the old man drives

A 1950 Cadillac

 Red interior, satin black


Most people gawk when it arrives

It floats like a luxury ship

From rounded nose to taillight tip


It looks as sharp as diamond knives

With large tailfins and shiny chrome

And crowned with classy rounded dome


It has outlived almost three wives

Inspired by war time aircraft

So smartly engineered to last


It must have had at least nine lives

To make it through these many years

It has outlasted most its peers


He tinkers, polishes and strives

Just out when weather’s very mild

And treasured like an only child


So through his nurture it survives

Who knows what future is in store

As owner goes on ninety-four

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