Monday, January 23, 2012

Writing the Life Poetic Wordle: houseboat, drumming, scared, ambled

No Need for Change 

Early afternoon
In my houseboat
Rocking in the old cane chair
Listening to the drumming on the roof
Enjoying George the basset hound’s company.

George was lying at my feet.
Ears perking up
Figured he was just scared of the storm
But I heard a knock.

In the middle of the lake
Nary a soul for miles
Ambled over and opened the door
Skinny girl stood there
Soaked to the bone
Looking terrified

“Our boat turned over.
I think my friend drowned.”
“Come in.
Sit down.”
I threw my old coat over her.
Fiddled with the scanner
While she blubbered.

 “No cell phone?” she moaned.
“I have no use for them.”
“Are you crazy?”

I heard the familiar crackle
Explained things to the dispatcher
Got the motor going
Found her boat
And her friend clinging to it.

Two weeks later
I received a package
General delivery
Took it home

“Looky see,” I told George.
Cell phone
Pitched it into the lake.

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