Monday, July 1, 2013

Poetic Bloomings Life's a Beach Hello to the Beach

The Ocean Waves
Hello, beachcombers and swimmers having fun
Hello, barking dogs and children on the run
Hello, gritty sand glittering in the sun
And the ocean waves

Hello, lifeguards soaking the rays
Hello, sunbathers content to laze
Hello, salty air with a haze
And the ocean waves

Hello, seagulls screeching in the sky
Hello, jellyfish lying out to die
Hello, sandpipers running by
And the ocean waves
Hello, sunscreen, fragrant and warm
Hello, beach chairs fitting to form
Hello, clouds ready to storm
And the ocean waves

Hello, beach umbrellas, my retreat
Hello, lemonade, cold and sweet
Hello, towels to wipe my feet
And the ocean waves

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