Thursday, November 19, 2015

PAD 19 thing

Wrinkle Release

House work is not my cup of tea.
I’ll tell you what’s been a blessing for me.
It’s brought to my mind a little peace.
Just a spray bottle of wrinkle release.
I don’t have to iron, just spray it on,
And like magic the wrinkles are gone.
I take it with me wherever I travel
So of crumpled clothes I can’t cavil.
But I’ll tell you something funny I did.
It may make you laugh like a little kid.
One day, when the air was stinky and stale,
I thought deodorizer would improve the smell.
So I spayed it from the front to the back,
But then I discovered this startling fact.
I hadn’t sprayed air freshener at all,
But the wrinkle release up and down the hall.
It wasn’t deodorizer that I had sprinkled,
but at least now my carpet’s not wrinkled. 

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