Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Poetic Asides Blank ways to blank

Twenty-Five Ways to Procrastinate on a Writing Project

Sleep, eat, watch TV.
Cookies! You can bake!
Make those phone calls
you’ve been meaning to make.

Peruse Facebook posts
and tweet on Twitter.
Read a magazine.
Draw a cute critter.

Practice autographs
for when you’re famous.
Make up some lyrics
for “You Can’t Blame Us.”

Clean off your desk top.
Blow bubbles with gum.
Google your name and
your friends’ names for fun.

Watch out your window
till you see a cat.
Build a blanket fort.
Design a new hat.

List interesting names
for your next hero.
Count from 1,000
by tens to zero.

Write a letter to you
ten years from now.
Walk seventeen blocks.
Try a new hairstyle.

Sing some silly songs.
Try meditation.
Write a poem about

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