Sunday, April 3, 2016

PAD 3 Three Blank

Three of My Favorite Things,
Besides Jesus, Family and Friends

Hiking: particularly on an autumn day
when colors are at their peak—
golden aspens, purplish-red brush oak,
yellow-orange cottonwoods, evergreens
beneath a brilliant blue Colorado sky,
making me feel a part of creation
specially designed by a wise Creator.

Traveling: planning and preparing,
rolling my clothes into tight bundles,
listening to books on tape on long rides
or flying high over ridges and patchwork,
visiting turquoise water, thick rainforests,
geysers, towers, boulders, or sandy beaches,
feeling stretched, eager, excited, and alive.

Writing: allowing words to flow from my fingertips
frustrating, scaring, surprising, inspiring me,
giving me joy or making me laugh, creating hope
that my words will cause others to feel the same.
The rhythm of poems, the intricacies of plot,
inspiration of devotions, learning, remembering,  
meeting interesting characters, connecting with God.

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