Sunday, May 8, 2016

He said she said

He Said I Love You
(an A’La Arora)

She had thought it not possible
that she’d be left alone
to chart her course
and make the best of things
without him, four years now.
She just wants to cry.
He said, “I love you.”
And then kissed her goodbye.

She went on vacation without him
traveled the country,
a cruise to Alaska
and one to Mexico.
She had fun with family
and felt guilty a bit.
He said, “I love you,”
that day he was hit.

It was wise not to see him,
they said, but she doubted.
She and her children
said goodbye through
the casket lid.
His ashes are bedside
She says, “I love you.
I’m sorry you died.”

There had been ups and downs
throughout their marriage.
Sometimes she thought
they wouldn’t make it
“until death do us part,”
but it came too soon.
She sings, “I love you,”
to an inner tune.

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