Monday, October 10, 2016

Poetic Bloomings Ballade

 Creation Shows God’s Praise

They rise up from the land
Like monsters of the deep.
Their ridges resting and
They look like they’re asleep.
The mountains grand and steep
Applaud Him all their days.
Their beauty makes one weep.
Creation shows God’s praise.

The oceans roar their song
Beneath blue steely skies,
Declaring loud and strong
The grace of one so wise.
His greatness advertise
Repeating with each wave.
Their honor never dies.
Creation shows God’s praise

The forests tall and green,
They hide within their shade
Their wonders seldom seen.
Choice treasures that God made  
With beauty so arrayed
His wonders He displays.
Their glory doesn’t fade.
Creation shows God’s praise.

 The mountains, oceans, wood
And all that He has made,
They praise Him as they should.
Creation shows God’s praise.

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