Saturday, April 1, 2017

PA music genre Punk Rock

Punk Rock

I couldn’t say I’ve ever listened to punk rock.
So for this poem, I googled it.
As I listened to it I remember
driving by a band that was playing
in an empty lot in town.
And I thought, they’re young, maybe
they’ll learn to sing and play
if they keep practicing. I didn’t know
they were supposed to sound like that.
But some on YouTube didn’t sound too bad.
Others sounded like they were vomiting
out the lyrics or they were playing
boogie men and trying to frighten
small children. Some of their hairdos
reminded me of my sister’s old black wig
we used to wear on Halloween. Some
of them looked cool. None were smiling.
Some of the music sounded like what
we used to call hard rock. I couldn’t tell
what made punk rock punk rock.
So I looked it up on Wikipedia.

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