Friday, December 2, 2011


I’m Thankful For…
Typing on my laptop
Looking at old photos
Learning and growing
Dancing to rock music
Working until I’m tired
Watching a good movie
The act of remembering
Traveling to a new place
Worshipping God in song
Shannon family reunions
Shopping for a special gift
Our crocheted nativity set
Hiking in the great outdoors
When God answers a prayer
Our tree ornament collection
The sound of rain on the roof
Hugs from a man with autism
My childhood in Pennsylvania
When my writing surprises me
My son’s laugh and helpfulness
A warm blanket on a cold night
Painting with my favorite colors
Playing Scrabble with my sisters
Comfortable jeans and sneakers
A good book and time to read it
When my words touch someone
Chicken and homemade noodles
My husband’s deep voice singing
Climbing at Vedauwoo, Wyoming
My parents who are now in heaven
Belly laughs from a childlike woman
When a Bible verse jumps out at me
Colorado’s blue skies and mountains
 A hot cup of tea with cream and sugar
Phone, online and face-to-face friends
Kayaking in a bay or in a mountain lake
Playing online games with my daughter                                   
A gift that says I know and appreciate you
Being able to see, hear, taste, walk and talk

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