Sunday, August 19, 2012

Poetic Bloomings Prompt Person of influence

Jack Smith 

You were an old man—
in our eyes

(in your thirties).
you said if you turned sideways
and stuck your tongue out, 

we’d think you were a zipper.
You said funny things
like calling cars you didn’t know
the make of “vehickies.”
You weren’t healthy
and had to take one step at a time.
The doctors said you wouldn’t last very long.
You said you had too much to do for the Lord.
Last I knew, you were still going strong
in your seventies.
You started a Bible study for teens.
You gave us our first Bibles
and we read them into the night,
laughing when the pigs fell in the water.
One evening you asked my best friend and me
if we knew Jesus as our Savior.
We said no.
“Do you want to?” you asked.
We said yes.
Thank you.

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