Monday, August 20, 2012

Writing the Life Poetic Exercise

Seeing Metaphorically 

Think back when you were a kid
as the world unfolded before you.
You had to rely on what you already knew
to process it; thus,
a mountain looked like a cake with icing.
Broccoli looked like trees.
Sand on the beach looked like brown sugar.
Dip into your pallet of words
and paint pictures using your senses.
How do things sound, smell, feel, taste, look?
        Thus, the ocean sounded like cars on the highway.
Bare toes look like sisters, standing side by side,
the youngest to the oldest and visa versa.
The new car smells like baby dolls.
The cool air across my cheek feels like an angel’s kiss.
A watermelon tastes like the happy days of childhood.

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