Friday, March 18, 2016

List poem

Eleven Items atop My Entertainment Center

A deep blue towel to act as a table cloth.
A back-scratcher so we can find it.
A ten-inch tall brown ceramic owl vase,
containing written blessings for the year.
A small stuffed puppy wearing a graduation cap
from my daughter’s graduation years ago.
A small stuffed owl wearing a graduation cap
to urge me on to complete my college degree.
A red-framed photo of my mother-in-law.
A brown-framed photo in sepia tones of my
four sisters and me dressed in old-time clothes.
A three-inch tall white plastic cross
with the word “grace” to remind me that Easter
is still about Jesus rising from the dead.
The movie War Room that challenged
a friend and I to pray more.
A white candle with red bow and buttons
a friend gave me to congratulate me
for completing another college class.
The stereo with CD player, radio,
and double cassette player.
If I listed every item in my house
it would make a very thick book. 

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