Tuesday, August 9, 2016

PB 16

Magic Summers

M agical summers of childhood filled with
A stonishing secrets of nature. Crickets singing, peep frogs leaping,
G rass beckoning to bare feet, dreamlike fireflies giving the
I llusion of fairies flitting through the night, mysterious
C harm of trees bowed over foot paths creating a secret tunnel to my aunt’s cottage,

S parkle of dewdrops on violets and buttercups
U nder shady maples, delightful feel of bare feet in moss,
M agnetism of a bubbling creek beckoning to reveal its
M ysteries: crawdads scuttling under rocks, minnows scurrying, leaf boats floating by.
E nchanted woods, hills, creeks captivating kids. I
R emember the magic my country neighborhood held for friends and cousins.
S ummers filled with discoveries, adventures, and fun.

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