Saturday, August 27, 2016

Poetic Asides Distance

The Sardine Express

We traveled the two-thousand miles
In a small car, two kids and I
From Colorado we’d begin
Yes, it’s true, we didn’t fly

We’d pray for weather to be nice
And that we’d surely stay alive
It seemed to take forever then
Speed limit only fifty-five

I’d say, “This could be good or bad.”
Depending if you play or fight
So over mountains to Cheyenne
And we’ll see Grandma P. tonight.”

So we’d stay there a day or two
And visit many in-laws there
One morning, we’d be on our way
Off to Nebraska with a prayer

Two sisters, husbands and their kids
Made eastern Nebraska their home
So we’d stay there a week or so
Then to Pennsylvania we’d roam

One sister and two kids piled in
We’d go a thousand miles, no less
Our kids were packed in back so tight
We called it The Sardine Express

And we would spend a week or two
We’d visit grandparents, and kin
It always seemed no time at all
To drive the whole way home again

Every year we would make that trip
How many, would be just a guess
We miss grandparents very much
But not so, the Sardine Express

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