Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Poetic Asides A year in the life of

College after Fifty

My first year of college, after fifty, I
studied at night when I wasn’t taking
care of people, or cleaning the house,
or writing my novel, or working on
something for my writers group, or
completing a devotion assignment, or
writing poetry, or doing yardwork, or
critiquing manuscripts with a friend, or
attending meetings, or doing paperwork,
or going to church, or attending women’s
Bible study, or praying, or eating out,
or playing Words with Friends, or reading,
or coloring owls, or making phone calls,
or walking, or watching dumb TV shows,
or talking on the phone to my children,
or perusing Facebook posts and videos.
I studied at home in Colorado. I studied
in Arizona, Wyoming, Nebraska, South
Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and
Florida. I took a break on a Caribbean
Writers Cruise and then all of a sudden
my 1st year of college after fifty—gone!
And now almost my second.

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