Saturday, May 6, 2017

PAD 11 sonnet

Surfing Lesson

With fuss and flurry, they’re off to the beach.
The water waits so restlessly in waves.
In their black suits, he’s with her there to teach.
He points to rolling, rumbling surf she braves.

Her courage fades as she carries her board,
But there’s enough left to give it a try.
That fateful day, she had given her word.
No time to ponder flimsy reasons why.

She paddles out and jumps with the next wave.
But soon is tossed aloft into the drink.
He offers to quit, but she doesn’t cave.
She’ll catch the next one, with no time to think.

So back at it again, with many tries,
She plants her feet and feels as if she flies. 

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