Tuesday, May 30, 2017

PAD 18 life or death


Watch the variegated, changing sunset
Admire the wild flowers in charming array
View the world from the mountain top
Gaze into the eyes of loved ones

Gasp at majestic mountain wonders
Listen to the cacophony of bird calls
Hear the chatter of children as they play
Revel in the infinite notes of music

Taste sweet, salty, bitter, delicious foods
Savor a feast with friends and family
Try new mouth-watering recipes
Experience tasty food with thanksgiving

Let a baby’s fingers curl around yours
Snuggle in a soft blanket on a crisp night
Caress strong shoulders of a loved one
Bask in the morning sun on a busy day

Sniff memory-inducing perfume
Smell a turkey roasting in the oven
Whiff fresh-washed air after the rain
Breathe in lilacs in spring

Walk, hike, run, climb, scramble
Learn, grow, skip, dance, twirl, sing
Build, create, draw, paint, write, worship

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