Saturday, July 8, 2017

PA reconnect


For the last two and one half years,
I’ve been taking college classes,
one after the other, back to back
except for Christmas vacation.

Somehow at the end Shakespeare,  
in mid-May, I have two weeks off
to do whatever I want and need to do,
during warm weather and longer days.

It will give me a glimpse of what
it will be like when I have no more school,
when I’ll have a chance to reconnect
with my life as I once knew it.

Visit friends in another town on Saturday,
Work on my writing projects and submit them.
Take a long walk without a timer in my pocket.
Take a day to shop and lunch with a friend.

I know it will go fast and I’m thinking
how to best use those two weeks.
Clean the house? Landscape the yard?
Take a trip? Or absolutely nothing?

Or maybe a little bit of everything. 

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