Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 19, 2012

Unexpected Trip

So five days before my son and daughter

are supposed to leave for England, my son’s

passport goes missing. We turn the house upside-

down, retrace his steps, pray, but nothing.

Maybe he left it at my daughter’s house.

While my son keeps his eye appointment,

my daughter and I drive seven hours to Phoenix.

No passport, but in the mailbox is a large check

she didn’t expect. So on the drive back,

after Flagstaff, the wind blows the thick red dust

and we feel like we’re on Mars. So nice to

see something different. Then before Kayenta,

the double rainbow appears, brighter and clearer

than we’ve ever seen. The last two hours

we watch a lightning storm as thrilling as fireworks,

without the colors. So our unexpected trip

 was a dry run, but full of surprises worth our while.

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