Monday, July 16, 2012

Writing to God

Atoms, Moments, Breaths 

Lord, we don’t really possess a thing.
As each second ticks into the past,
we only have now and it, too, goes in a hurry.
We’re not guaranteed the next second.
We could die with one heart beat.
Speak to me about the little things
The common things
The things that are overlooked.
These are what we have—
whatever is in front of us at the moment—
like an Alzheimer’s patient
who can’t remember the past
or plan for the future
who has to live in the moment.
Lord, help me appreciate each moment You give me
and use it efficiently.
Help me reach out, learn and grow, try new things as if I have all the time in the world,
yet, at the same time be aware that this may be my last day and I should live it to the fullest.
Lord, thank You that someday I will have eternity,
eternity past and eternity future,
no end.
May all I do in the moments I have here on earth
make a positive impact on eternity.

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