Sunday, July 29, 2012

Poetic Bloomings Prompt: Who Do You Think You Are? /

Connie Lee Peters

C reative? Ah, yes, thanks mostly to my husband.

O pen-minded? Does having a hole in your head count?

N ervous? When I speak in public or when my kids are in a foreign country.

N arcissistic? A tad. Don’t writers have to be?

I ntelligent? Yes, except STM’s about shot.

E motional? Yes. Makes for a good poet.

L oving? Yes, just don’t bore me.

E ncouraging? Yes, most of the time.

E nthusiastic? Depends. Writing, family and traveling? Yes Housework? No

P atient? As a caregiver I have to be, but I’m not always.

E nergetic? I’m working on it.

T alented? In some ways. Writing? Yes Technology? No

E mphatic? About God’s goodness.

R ealistic? Not always.

S imple? Definitely.

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