Monday, March 4, 2013

March 1, 2013 Poetic Bloomings comfort

Things that Comfort Me 

A baby’s giggle, a toddlers laugh
A warm lavender bubble bath
Christian music, a happy dream
Hot tea with sugar and cream  

A drifting kayak, a sister’s call
Cheery colors of a sunlit fall
Strong shoulders, an acoustic guitar
A country ride in an open car  

A nature walk, a crackling fire
A friend’s words to inspire
Rain drumming on the roof
Comfy chair, some noodle soup

Crocheted afghan, chocolate mint
Clean pajamas against my skin
A purring kitty on my lap
A friendly smile, an afternoon nap 

A bubbling creek, a mountain view
A whispered prayer, love that’s true
Ocean waves, a bedtime story
Bible promises of hope and glory

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