Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 2, 2013

The Pig in the Wig 

Once a friend who lived in town

Came to visit Farmer Brown

As he gazed out across the farmer’s land

What he saw, he couldn’t understand


There much to the friend’s surprise

Was an odd little piggy before his eyes

Can this be true? A pig in a wig?

And he seems to be doing some kind of jig.


Yes, the farmer said with a smile

Have some tea and sit awhile

I’ll tell you all about my little pig

Who likes to jig and wear a wig


He was born on this farm a year ago

On the night of new fallen snow

From that moment he was a happy fella

He made you smile this I tell ya


As he grew he danced about

And burrowed in mud with his piggy snout

A cheerful little guy. He wallowed and wiggled

It made me laugh, the way he giggled.


But something happened one cloudy day

When he overheard a ducky say

What’s wrong with that pig quackity quack

And the kitty cat answered him back


Meow she replied  it’s his pointy ears

They makes him look funny, it appears

It’s his eyes murmured a little mouse

Squeakity squeak they’re big as a house


So the little piggy wore a wig

Even though it was a little big

And sunglasses covered his eyes

And he thought he looked oh so wise



Honkity honk said the goose with a nod

That little piggy sure is odd.

And look at that funny curly tail

He should cover it with a pail.


So little piggy with tears in his eyes

Followed the goose’s silly advice

And stuck a bucket on his bum

Even though it sure looked dumb


And then an old mare named Nelly

Said neigh neigh neigh its’ his chubby belly

The little pig heard black was in

So he wore black pants to look more thin


Since he wears pants, he must wear a shirt,

Said Billy the bull with a snort.

The chickens clucked Oh me oh my

His nose is as big as an apple pie


Everything matches black piggy thought

So he found a shirt with polka dots

And to cover his offensive snout

He wore a bright red bandana round about



Look at those stubby little feet

Said the canary with a tweet

So piggy borrowed boots from me

Though he looked goofy as can be


As he lumbered about in that sad get up

He began to cry and wouldn’t let up

So I stepped in and said listen piggy

All that stuff won’t let you jiggy


So  piggy said Oink I’ve had enough

And took off all of that stuff

Off went the pail, the boots and the wig

And I started to see more of the pig


Off came the pants, shirt and sunglasses

And off came the bright red bandanna

He stared at the pile, and said the pig,

“But I really do like the wig.”


So now he gambols about with a piggy giggle

Rolls in the mud, with a wiggly wiggle

And joyfully dances his little jig

So that’s the story of my pig in a wig


I’ll take a lesson from this little guy,

Said the friend, I’ll tell you why

You can learn from others, this is true

But there’s nothing like just being you.




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