Saturday, March 30, 2013


In His Throne Room


Holy God, I worship You

with all that’s in me,

I enter Your presence.


Feeling a little odd,

knowing I’m dealing

 with an unseen world.


But you have revealed enough to me

that I know You are real

and all You say You are.


I come to You knowing You are love.

You are all powerful.

You are beautiful, wise and good.


You are King of kings

and Lord of lords.

You are IT for me, all I desire.


Wonderful, lovely, pure, Holy God!

I worship You,

feeling totally inadequate for the job.


So I unite my heart

with the Holy Spirit

and ask for His help.


Lord, I’m a poet

and you have gifted me,

but now my gift and words fail me.


Spirit, fill me, that I may offer

the Father praise and thanksgiving

in a fitting, worthy way.


I think of Heaven,

being in Your throne room

where many nations of people praise You.


Your glory emanates from Your throne,

filling, touching, transforming,

tingling through my body, my skin.


Excitement builds up

and longing, longing

for connection with Your incredible love.


The worship, the energy, the enthusiasm,

a thousand times a thousand

of an NFL football game.


Beauty greater than the Alaskan wilderness.

Joy greater than the birth of children and grandchildren.

Peace, purer and more untarnished than a mountain stream.


God, I long to be in that world!

It makes this world seem flat,

empty, dull, dirty.


Thank you, through faith in Christ,

I will live in that world

sooner than it will seem.


But while I live on this earth

may I experience this in my meditations

and let it flow out through the things I do.


I love You and worshinp You.

In the name of Your precious Son,

I pray. Amen!

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