Friday, May 17, 2013


Stranger than Fiction    

On our country road a mover towed
A large trailer he was taking away.
At the foot of our yard where the ground wasn’t hard
He did an “oops” to my dad’s dismay.  

On the sharp turn, my dad did learn,
The trailer dug a deep gash.
Dad was fit to be tied when he saw how wide,
But he didn’t do anything rash.  

After this my older sis
Decided to go into town.
When she came out of the store, to her horror,
She saw folks gathered around. 

The mover stood there with a look of despair.
He had scraped the side of Dad’s car.
“I’m having a bad day,” the driver did say,
“I just dug up somebody’s yard.” 

His blood must have chilled, when my sister revealed,
“I know. That was my dad.”
“Fantastic,” said the man, “Doin’ the best I can,
but never did it this bad.” 

Dad found it hard to believe, the news he received,
His yard, now his car, too?
He shook his head and in disbelief said,
“How could this possibly be true?”  

He was still muttering, grumbling and sputtering,
When he filled out his insurance claim.
The story was so odd, he marked “act of God”
When he needed someone to blame.

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