Monday, May 13, 2013

Trolaan (Plus an extra verse)

Waiting on God
In past experiences I have learned
Important intercession takes some time
I used to think that God ignored and spurned
I thought He did commit some common crime

Not caring for His people who would pray
Not heeding cries of painful suffering
Not sending any answers straight their way
Nor stopping Satan’s evil buffeting

One day a kindly pastor said to me  
Open your spiritual eyes to conceive
One answer and the next there instantly
Only chaos to beyond to believe

Now know that God loves you passionately
New life He offered to you on the cross
Nurtures you like a bird with her offspring
Nestles you and comforts you in your loss 

Open your ears to His kindhearted love
Open your mouth and He will satisfy
Open your eyes to His care from above
Open You heart to His grace till you die

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