Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Bop

Food for the Soul

She always saw herself as fat, even when
she was thin, but one day she realized she really was.
It was the day she saw the word on the chart, “obese.”
She was out of regular clothes into the big girls
and specialty shops. Her skinny jeans had given way
to five or six larger sizes, but still were skinny jeans.

She determined to feed her soul, regardless.

Twenty diet books rested on her bookshelves:
fruit in the morning, six small meals a day,
eat anything you want until appetite sated,
distract yourself with other things, think thin.
Her living room was filled with exercise equipment.
An expensive gym pass was tucked into her purse.
She watched the scale number go up and up.
The number she once hated became her new goal.

She determined to feed her soul, regardless.

She started accepting her body as it was,
appreciating its wonder despite its glitches.
She took her focus off the rolls, bumps and sags
and concentrated on loving life and being thankful.
She found her inner beauty and quit beating herself up.
Her clothes began to fit better, she stepped livelier.

She determined to feed her soul, regardless.

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