Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Fish 

What a beautiful day!
Actual sun in Ohio.
Warm breeze.
She looked out the window
and saw flashes of orange in the pond. 

Her husband, who could do anything
when he put his mind to it,
had built it for her.
When he put the fish in,
she questioned whether
they would survive the winter. 

He reassured her in his confident voice
and his half amused chuckle,
“Oh yeah, dear, they’ll make it.”
Now she walked out and watched them,
looking lively with their little fins twitching.
So they did survive the winter.
He didn’t.  

Now, she felt like the fish
must have felt
in the cold and dark,
waiting for the spring thaw,
wondering if she’d make it
to see the sun shine again.

She imagined
his confident, gentle voice
with his little chuckle,
“Yes, dear, you’ll make it.
You’re stronger than the fish.”

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Linda H. said...

Nice one, Connie. I like it alot.