Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 17 Fantasy



Mary Anne’s first day volunteering

at the Castleberry nursing home,

she met Katherine in room 107.

Katherine said she liked it there

because they kept a horse.

It seemed unlikely to Marry Anne

but, she thought, maybe it was so.

“The chef in the kitchen feeds him.”

Hmm, Mary Anne thought.

“He has a stall for him in the kitchen.”

What could Katherine mean by that?

“He’s been there a hundred years.”

Well, okay then. Mary Anne patted

the old woman’s hand and came back

weekly to hear her stories.


Prince Xavier of Hollingsworth

wanted nothing else but to marry

Lady Margaret Anita. However,

she was promised to the Duke

of Abington, a cruel wizard.

Xavier plotted night after night

on how to rescue the lovely lady.

The night before the wedding,

he coerced the chef to let him in.

He proposed elopement to Margaret.

Unfortunately, the Duke caught them,

cast a spell on Xavier, the chef and Margaret.

to live forever: Xavier as a horse,

the chef to care for him, and Margaret,

now Mary Anne, whose memory was erased.


Xavier whinnied as he saw Mary Anne

out the window of his stall by the kitchen.

But the only one who knew about him

was the mute chef and Katherine in 107

and no one believed her stories.

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