Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 23 Morning

Morning Blessing

M ay the sun shine brightly in your soul. May the

O thers in your life be well and whole. May you

R each the greatest height and get good sleep at

N ight. May you reach every dream and every goal. May your

I clinations be pure and true. May your

N eeds be met and problems few. May your days be very

G ood and may you do the things you should. May you

B e happy as you start this day anew. May your

L ove be like a warm spring rain. May you be

E nergetic and free of pain. May you

S hare and be blessed and get your needed rest. May you

S imply feel joy with no restrain. May your day be

I nteresting and sweet. May nobody step upon your feet. May you

N ot be down and grumpy. May your ways be smooth not bumpy. May

G od bless you and I repeat. May the sun shine brightly in your soul…

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