Saturday, April 7, 2012

Morning Motel Dance

In the breakfast nook,
row of waffles, muffins,
hard boiled eggs, yogurt,
juices, coffees, teas on
one side, big pole
in the middle,
six sets of table crowded
against the other wall.
Several Hispanic kids
wearing baseball jerseys
and speaking Spanish,
old man with white whiskers,
a middle age couple,
a tall bespectacled kid and his father.

I give a little bow to the dad
as he goes ahead of me
in the juice line,
waltz around the
baseball players
to get my tea,
shuffle around the pole
back to my table,
over to the bagels
with the old man,
while side stepping
the blond
to nab some yogurt
as she searches
for an employee
to fill the waffle mix.
Back at my table
I munch while
the dance continues
around me.

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