Thursday, April 12, 2012

PAD Day 12 Something Blank

Something or Other

I’m getting up at five A. M.
Some say that I’m ailing.

A Saturday morning fever

Yep, it’s called yardsaling.

A whatchamacallit or two

For ninety seven cents.

Thirteen widgets for a dollar

A thingy for the fence.

And just what I always wanted--

A hickamajigger!

And what a cute thingamabob!

Here’s one a size bigger.

I will use this thingamajig

And this doodad I’m sure.

I have a doohickey at home

But I can use one more.

This gadget looks interesting.

These gismos are unique.

I’ve no idea what they are

But they must be antique.

And here is something or other,

A stuffed beluga whale.

So I will have to sell some stuff

And have my own yard sale.

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